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Optimise your purifying process with MaxR® Impurity Removal solutions

When it comes to mining, every resource is finite. That’s why it’s so important that mining operations get the most out of their ore treatment processes. Separating and purifying valuable metals from waste material helps ensure that these vital resources aren’t going out with the trash, and that the end product meets the steep standards of the industry. Unfortunately, tradition treatment processes create very finely divided particles which settle slowly, forming a low density sludge that is difficult to dewater. At the same time, large amounts of chemicals are required to catalyze the processes — leading to increased costs and greater environmental impact. 

Our MaxR® Impurity Removal solutions provide the answer.  It improves on the traditional process, providing effective purification that’s also cost effective and more environmentally friendly.

This is achieved by using recycled thickener underflow to serve as precipitation sites for fresh solids. Underflow solids are recycled and mixed with incoming feed, reducing the amount of chemicals required. Newly precipitated solids then grow on top of existing particles, forming large crystals that settle rapidly to a higher final density. The ultimate discharge slurry density of a material (solids concentration) can be increased by 5-30 wt% over conventional treatment. The result is a coarser particle size distribution of higher densities of the tailings stream.  The benefits of the FLSmidth MaxR include:


  • Lower CAPEX
  • Coarser particle size distribution
  • Higher solids density
  • Heterogeneous precipitates with gypsum as ballast
  • Gypsum encapsulated dilute metals
  • Faster reaction kinetics
  • Faster settling rates and improved filtration


The volume of the impurities for disposal is greatly reduced resulting in savings disposal site costs. In addition, if mechanical dewatering is used, the dewatering rate is greatly increased due to the high density of the feed sludge and improved dewatering characteristics of the solids. As a result, the size and the cost of the dewatering equipment are reduced.  


That’s what you get with MaxR® Impurity removal: fewer chemicals, lower costs and optimal purification. And because the right equipment is only part of the solution, FLSmidth also offers complete project and process responsibility, including:


  • Bench scale testing
  • Pilot scale testing (on-site or at our facility)
  • Flow sheet development and optimization
  • Equipment sizing and integration
  • Equipment supply
  • Detail engineering
  • Construction management
  • Start-up and operator training
  • Continued parts / service department
  • COMPLETE process system design and control


Our MAXR® Impurity Removal solutions include the following product:




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