key benefits

  • Gain key insights ahead of investment
  • Understand the best equipment for your project
  • Detailed forecasting of prices and costs to improve mine planning
  • Optimise mine life and productivity

Mine optimisation begins in the planning stages

Our mine planning services give you the benefit of our extensive experience and unrivalled breadth of expertise. Acting as consultants, we support your decision-making and exploration as you develop new sites or optimise existing ones.

Close cooperation to maximise your success

Our mine planners – highly skilled plant engineers and mining professionals – will work directly with your project team to maximise your project’s success. Though our particular strength is in continuous mining equipment operations, we have access to a large database of equipment designs and mining concepts through our extensive project experience. This enables us to quickly estimate prices and evaluate the applicability of integrated mining system concepts to facilitate your mining equipment selection. In addition, we develop detailed mining equipment specifications that allow immediate tendering and supply of the equipment specified. 

Adding value to your mining operation   

Every project is unique and requires a different level of detail that mainly depends on the work already done. For this reason, each study follows a general methodology, or parts of it, as a standalone to enable a trade-off by comparing truck and shovel systems with various continuous mining systems. 

Requirement assessment 

Every study begins with a kick-off meeting in order to base the project on sound foundations. The aim of the meeting is to collect and verify basic data, and confirm the scope of work and KPIs to be generated. If data is unavailable, equipment-specific material tests will be performed using our hardness and abrasiveness evaluation techniques. 

System concept development 

The concept development phase investigates the general possibilities to operate a continuous mining system using conveyors as the main means of transport, e.g. in-pit mine conveyors, cross-pit conveying systems, mobile bridges/ grasshopper conveyors, high-angle conveyors, and ex-pit overland conveyors. Various options are explored. 

Pit optimisation 

As continuous mining systems are less flexible, the mine design must be tailored to the requirements of the system. We have established close working relationships with our customers and developed innovative methodologies for planning continuous mining systems. 

Equipment selection and dimensioning 

Our integrated toolkit for equipment selection and dimensioning enables us to deliver the best possible system for optimal efficiency. We tailor the design of available equipment to specific mining conditions and customer needs. 

Mine scheduling 

Receive immediate feedback on the impact of operational changes to determine exactly what has been affected by each change. 

Financial modelling 

We evaluate relevant KPIs, develop CAPEX and OPEX estimates, and carry out sensitivity analyses to determine the impact of individual variables on the accuracy of these estimates.   

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