Key Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Long-term alignment
  • Optimised equipment for your conditions

The perfect match - Mine Shaft Guide Rollers

Since each mine shaft has unique conditions and needs, each requires a Guide Roller with the right fit. There are costly consequences to buying an improperly applied or poorly designed Guide Roller.

An incorrect roller’s movement can put up to 2G’s of impact on the equipment. This impact results in the need for shaft maintenance and roller adjustments. And once you’re done with maintenance, you are still left with costly and time-consuming equipment. So, when looking for new equipment, it’s likely that you want options that will save you time and money.

We can help you select the best Guide Roller for your application. Acquiring the right Guide Roller for a shaft will keep the Guide Roller properly aligned over long periods of time, reducing maintenance needs. By purchasing the properly fitted Guide Roller, you will cut down on costly maintenance time, as well as the cost of upkeep. Our Guide Roller is a long-lasting piece of equipment.

We offer a diverse range of extended life Guide Rollers. No matter the conditions of a shaft, we can provide the right fit. Our Guide Rollers can operate at speeds up to 40 miles per hour. They are versatile and function on both wood shaft guides and hollow steel shaft guides. Customisations are available in Guide Roller size, type of tire, materials and mountings.


We offer Guide Rollers with a diameter anywhere between 9 and 16.5 inches.


For lighter duties, we offer pneumatic or foam-filled pneumatic tires. For medium to heavy duties we offer solid rubber tires, and also an optional urethane tire where suited. Tires are designed with the duty and speed in mind.


Choose whether the Hub and Brackets are pressed steel, aluminum or stainless steel.


We offer three mounting options: a Fixed Bracket, Compression Suspension and the Coil Over Shock Absorber.

Suspensions are designed considering the duty and shaft guide conditions to give the best ride.

Provided with your guide and shaft conditions and the conveyance size, we can recommend the best guide roller for your application. By selecting a Guide Roller that matches its mine shaft, you will avoid the time and money lost by frequent shaft maintenance and roller adjustments. Get a properly aligned Guide Roller, and it will last over the years.

Mine shaft guide roller

Finding the right fit to cut future costs - Mine Shaft Guide Rollers

Reduced maintenance costs
A poorly aligned or fitted roller’s movement can put up to 2G’s of impact on the equipment. We provide equipment that will match the needs of your shaft’s conditions and reduce the wear on your equipment. The right equipment means reduced maintenance.
Long-term alignment
A properly-fitted Guide Roller won’t strain its alignment. Our large range of options ensure a quality fit for your Guide Roller. This will keep it at optimal function for a longer period of time.
Personalised equipment for your conditions
A long-lasting Guide Roller must match the conditions of its mine shaft. Since each mine shaft has unique conditions and needs, we offer options for material, tires, sizes and mountings. We design equipment to match the specifications of your mine shaft.

The key to long-lasting equipment - Mine Shaft Guide Rollers

Guide Rollers that do not fit perfectly with their mine shaft will cause maintenance expenses. You need a Guide Roller that matches your mine shaft’s conditions. This is why our range of Guide Rollers is key to their successful performance. With our design selection, you will receive a Guide Roller that functions smoothly and outlasts other solutions.

Over the course of many years, we have developed different options for the most important aspects of a Guide Roller. We found these to be size, tires, Hub and Bracket material and mountings. In addition to these parameters, we are glad to speak with you about other unique needs you may have.

We offer different sizes and have a range of diameters available between 9 inches and 16.5 inches. We also offer different kinds of tires to meet the specific duty and speed requirements with consideration to your guide conditions. The mounting of a Guide Roller can significantly impact its performance. We provide three different mounting options, including Fixed Bracket, Compression Suspension and the Coil Over Shock Absorber.

Our range of Guide Rollers allows for a comfortable ride in a small cage to smoothly running high-speed large skips. Take note of your specific setting and needs, and we can assist with the guide rollers that are right for your conveyances. With the right equipment, you can avoid the costly effects of frequent maintenance.


A brand new innovation that is permitting you even better efficiencies that ultimately translate into cost savings is our Onboard Conveyance Battery Charging System. This Integral Battery Charging Unit uses the kinetic energy of the skip to continuously charge batteries for the onboard communication system.  Avoid having to remove and replace batteries from the conveyance between shifts to have them externally charged, and the additional charging station energy. This feature not only simplifies maintenance requirements but also save you energy as it uses inherent energy through hoisting instead of relying on external energy sources to recharge batteries.


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