Key Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Increased durability 
  • Improved performance

Top-tier Telsmith Cone Crushers spare parts for increased production and less downtime

We design spare parts with the user as the primary focus. Our high-quality components are built on intensive quality assurance and matchless design innovation. The end result? A longer lasting part for higher production and less maintenance.

Made to last


Replacing parts can be expensive and time consuming. That’s why we’re offering a solution; our Telsmith® Cone Crusher spare parts have all been optimised for the ultimate combination of durability and performance. Enjoy less time struggling with maintenance and more time directing your operation. Join users worldwide and improve your machine quality with our Telsmith Cone Crusher spare parts. 

Telsmith Crusher spare parts offer improved performance and durability

The Telsmith Cone Crusher spare parts aren’t just for fixing your machine; they also improve it. With critical developments to enhance durability and performance, these parts will push your operation forward by reducing costs and optimising work. 

Reduced maintenance costs

Nobody wants to spend time and money constantly repairing parts, which is why

the Telsmith Cone Crusher replacements ensure reduced downtime.

Increased durability

Innovated with improved industry standards in mind, these Telsmith Cone Crusher

parts are durable enough to withstand even the harshest, most extreme mining conditions.

Improved performance

Creating quality parts throughout the machine ensure maximum efficiency for

Telsmith Cone Crushers.

Trustworthy spare parts for your crusher

The best spare parts are the ones that offer something more than the OEM parts. Our crusher spare parts are more durable and perform better while also reducing your maintenance costs.

We offer repair and spare cone crusher parts for the following Telsmith® Cone Crusher models:

 S™ & FC™                   SBS™  
 36 S & FC    38 SBS
 48 S & FC    44 SBS
 52 S & FC    52 SBS
 57 S & FC    57 SBS
 66 S & FC    68 SBS 



EXCEL High Performance Spare Crusher Parts:

  • Adjusting collar, lug, screw, nut % wedge ring 
  • Aux. tension bolt nut and bolt
  • Bottom cover plate and plate
  • Bronze seal plug
  • Cap screw
  • Clamp bolt and plate
  • Compression spring
  • Concave ring and support bowl
  • Countershaft, countershaft bearing & box
  • Deflector ring 
  • Eccentric
  • Inner adjusting felt seal
  • Inner bronze sleeve
  • Inner lower and upper labyrinth seal
  • Lock nut
  • Lower piston ring
  • Main drive gear, gear key and pinion
  • Main frame 
  • Main tension bolt 
  • Outer adjustment felt seal & retainer 
  • Outer bronze sleeve 
  • Outer lower labyrinth seal 
  • Outer seal retainer
  • Outer upper labyrinth seal
  • Rotary seal ring and ring key
  • Seal plug cap, pin, piston ring & spring 
  • Snap ring 
  • Socket head cap screw 
  • Sphere head 
  • Spring retainer ring 
  • Taper wedge 
  • Thrust rod 
  • Thrust socket
  • Upper piston ring 
  • Upper roller bearing

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