A full flow sheet of efficient and durable equipment for aggregates

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Industry leading productivity solutions for aggregates

At FLSmidth, we focus on mined aggregates such as sand, gravel and stone. With our full flow sheet of products, services and parts for crushing, handling and processing, we are the preferred partner for aggregates operations all over the world.

Productivity means much more than just providing solutions and equipment. We optimise every link in the operations value chain, and ensure that our experience and knowledge is transformed into benefits for you. 

Aggregates operations are very capital-intensive, and we help your business maintain a competitive edge by enhancing efficiency, durability and safety, as well as reducing downtime and total cost of ownership. 

Focus on throughput and reliability

In the aggregates industry, productivity is essentially a combination of tonnes per day and end output quality. As aggregates belong in the heavy-duty end of mining materials, machines and equipment must be able to handle high and constant loads.
We offer proven, reliable and scalable productivity solutions. These are typically a combination of extremely durable products and equipment, industry leading service and support, and high performance parts, ensuring that the productivity of your entire production value chain is second to none. 

With the addition of the latest digital technologies, we help you translate data from equipment sensors into productivity-enhancing solutions. This helps you diagnose the health of your equipment, anticipate failures, predict spare parts needed and optimise processes.
Your benefits are clear: efficient equipment, predictive maintenance, and fewer costly unplanned stops. 

In short, we provide you with full flow sheet solutions that help you stay productive and competitive.

Full line-up of aggregates dry processing equipment

Dry processing makes up the core of all aggregates operations, and we offer a strong line of premium equipment from crushers and sizers, over screens and handling solutions, to services and parts.

Whether the task at hand is processing coarse feeds, intermittent feeds, high yields or simply high throughputs, our Raptor and TST crushers and ABON sizers combine proven and modern technology to meet any needs.

Our wide range of screening solutions merge high throughput with high output quality in the classification processing stages, and our products are among the most durable on the market. 

In between all the processing stages, we provide material handling solutions and equipment, matching the high efficiency of our processing products, ensuring end-to-end productivity.
For maximum lifecycle of your operation, we provide unmatched customer service and support, and of course the best offering of high performance wear and spare parts.

Solutions for washing and wet processing

In aggregates operations focused on sand and gravel, washing or wet processing is required to obtain the highest level of output quality. As with our dry processing products, we utilise achievements from other industries to provide premium solutions in this wet stage. This includes the following processes and products:

  • Slurry pumps
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Knife-gate valves
  • Filters and filter presses
  • Screens (classifying and dewatering)
  • Attrition scrubbers
  • Screw classifiers
  • Density separators
  • Dryers
  • Clarifiers and thickeners

Benefits from innovation and industry synergies

With more than a century of experience across several operations in mining, we transform synergies into value and benefit for our customers.
This means that discoveries, developments and experiences from e.g. coal and iron ore operations, are converted into supplementary benefits in the value chain of operations in the aggregates industry.
It also means that we can provide you with anything from knowledge, over solutions, to products and parts, which have been tested and proven in many different environments, ensuring high performance and durability.

Our engineering legacy and innovation culture motivates us to discover potential every day, and our experience confirms that utilising even small potentials can lead to great gains. 

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