Key Benefits

  • Reduced costs 
  • Maximised soluble metal recovery
  • Increased process throughput
  • After-market service

CCD Thickeners come with efficient technology and life-long service 

High functioning CCD Thickeners

The efficiency of the CCD circuit depends on the thickener underflow density, making effective thickeners an asset to the operation. The ability to create a high thickener underflow density can allow for less stages in the circuit, reducing costs. At FLSmidth, we have developed game-changing technology that creates a high thickener underflow density, protects thickeners as an asset and maximises soluble metal recovery. The following technology gets your team these notable results.


  • High Density or Paste Thickeners
  • Thickener Covers
  • Interstage Mix Tanks


Full service capabilities

Your operation benefits from a well-planned circuit design, reliable installation and technology partners. Our service includes thorough planning, supervised installation and a continued partnership throughout the life of your operation. The following is a breakdown of the different services you can expect from us.


1. Testwork

The circuit is most effective when it’s design process begins with a thorough understanding of the material. We perform material characterization to give us this important foundation for the process. Additionally, we perform bench or pilot scale testwork of multiple technologies.


2. Flowsheet and equipment selection and sizing

The flowsheet maps out the most effective design for your circuit. It ensures that all the different pieces of the puzzle function well together. We use the results from the testwork to determine the flowsheet and type of equipment for your operation.


3. Technology design

The right technology makes a more cost-effective, optimised operation. Our technology experts quickly deliver designs for the technology that will be most useful for the application.


4. Fabrication

Proper fabrication ensures that the equipment has the required corrosion and abrasion properties for the project. Our team is able to accomplish this in a timely, cost-aware fashion through our different locations.


5. Installation

Installation is often expensive and can drag on, pushing back operation dates. To avoid these common pitfalls, we provide expert supervision during installation. We can also provide bolted thickeners to speed installation time.


6. Commissioning

The faster your plant can begin using the CCD circuit, the better. We provide start up and commissioning support to speed up the process.


A continued partnership

Processing equipment is key to your operation. But installing equipment is often just the beginning of a journey toward growth and success. Our team at FLSmidth offers the following to help your organisation continue an upward trend of success.

  • Upgrades

In order to keep your equipment up-to-speed with the latest technology, we’re always aware of advancing technology. If you want to upgrade your system, we’ll know how.

  • Debottlenecking and optimisation audits

To make sure that your operation is always performing optimally, we perform debottlenecking and optimisation audits. 

Thickeners designed for maximum reliability, efficiency and recovery.

Reduced costs 
Maintenance costs can be lower when using Thickener Covers. Installation costs can also drop when using High Density or Paste Thickeners.
Maximised soluble metal recovery
Soluble metal recovery is increased by our thickener technology.
Increased process throughput
Our CCD thickeners are designed for optimal throughput, so you can enjoy the best return for your investment.
After-market service
Your long-term success is important to us. Aside from preparing and installing processing equipment, we have services to help you throughout the life of your operation.

FLSmidth CCD thickeners maximise leach circuit target metal recovery.

The right technology can significantly impact your Counter Current Decantation circuit efficiency. The technology below can save on maintenance costs, increase your circuit’s output, save on installation costs, and more. We’ve spent years perfecting technology for solid-liquid separation, so we’re able to provide specific solutions to some of the most important pieces of the separation process. We’re also careful to consider the needs of your application. We’ll make the necessary adjustments and recommendations for your organisation, ensuring that the designs below will drive notable results for your operation.



High Density or Paste Thickeners

Wash efficiency increases in your CCD circuit as the thickener underflow density increases. In some cases, it’s even possible to decrease the number of stages if you have a high thickener underflow density. If less stages are needed, then you save on installed cost. The High Density or Paste Thickeners create these results for your operation. We’ve had plenty of experience applying this technology, so we’re confident in its ability to positively impact your organisation’s circuit.


Thickener Covers

Certain conditions can compromise your thickeners. For instance, applications at elevated temperatures or cold climates can be affected by exposed thickeners. When this is the case, your operation can save energy by installing our Thickener Covers which allow for heat retention. Other applications might require Thickener Covers for safety reasons, such as acidic operations. These covers can also reduce maintenance costs for the bridge structure.


Interstage Mix Tank

These tanks are at the heart of the CCD circuit. They mix the underflow stream from one thickener and the overflow stream from another. This mixing breaks up the floccules and combines the metal rich solution to the and the wash liquor. To get the most out of this stage of the circuit, you want to avoid short circuiting and maximise the soluble metal recovery. Our engineers have created an Interstage Mix Tank design that accomplishes all of the above.

La recuperación óptima con espuma sale a flote

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