Key Benefits

  • Higher underflow density
  • Exceptional overflow clarity
  • Low OPEX

What sets the Deep Cone Thickener apart

Your operation needs quality machinery to remain productive. That’s particularly true when it comes to the thickener you use. Higher underflow pulp concentrations are critical when it comes to efficiency and water recovery. Uniformity in underflow slurry consistency is also key. The Deep Cone Thickener maximises pulp concentration while also producing non-segregating underflow slurry with a paste consistency.

We have more than a century of experience in sedimentation and flocculation technology and we have installations in more applications across the world than any of our competitors. The success of your operation is too important to trust to just anyone, and we understand your unique needs. That’s why our thickeners are built with your specific operation in mind. We’ll work closely with you to ensure installation and continual maintenance are taken care of. We are your partner, not just your supplier. Benefit from our decades of operational expertise.

Simplicity and efficiency are top of mind when you’re looking for a thickener. The Deep Cone Thickener is incredibly efficient and intuitively built for optimal return on investment and lower cost to operate. 

What Deep Cone Thickeners can do for you 

Higher underflow density
An element of superior thickening performance is underflow density. Our thickeners underflows are concentrated to near their limit of pumpability for greater efficiency.
Exceptional overflow clarity
Overflow clarity is key. The Deep Cone Thickener will help you achieve the required overflow clarity and better operational performance.
At the end of the day, profitability and return on investment are among your highest  priorities. With a low cost to operate, the Deep Cone Thickener will boost efficiency and help you grow your bottom line.

The technology behind the Deep Cone Thickener

Maximising pulp concentration and keeping underflow slurry uniform is a key focus if you want to enhance productivity and keep efficiency high. The Deep Cone Thickener uses cutting edge technology to ensure your operation runs at peak performance. The thickener is ruggedly dependable and intuitively designed to outlast and provide continually impactful results.

Lean on our track record of success. We have helped plants all over the world increase their efficiency and find sustained productivity. As our customer, you’ll be our top priority. Everything we do is targeted at improving the safety, efficiency and profitability of your operation. Our team is committed to helping you get the Deep Cone Thickener solution you need to stay productive and profitable for years to come.


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