Key Benefits

  • Less process down-time
  • Improved mineral recovery
  • Predictable cyclone maintenance schedule
  • Increased production capacity
  • Corrects process upsets and maximises product throughput

Monitor cyclone optimisation with wireless automation package

Intelligently monitor, control, stabilise and optimise your cyclone circuit

SmartCyclone technologies are available in three main levels of sophistication, starting with a basic monitoring package which remote detects cyclone roping and wear.


  • SmartCyclone Basic Package
    SmartCyclone Basic is a full monitoring package for detecting roping, wear, and manifold activity.
  • SmartCyclone Expert Package
    SmartCyclone Expert includes all of the components of the Standard package. It also incorporates additional sensors and control algorithms to maximise process throughput and further reduce variations in, as well as optimise, cyclone overflow particle size distribution.


Maximise process efficiencies

Your plant can achieve maximum process efficiencies utilising SmartCyclone Expert monitoring and control solutions through quick upset condition identification and automatic correction. This means less process down-time and reduced variation in flotation feed, resulting in improved mineral recovery. It also offers more systematic cyclone operation and continuous wear monitoring/management resulting in predictable cyclone circuit maintenance. Another benefit is increased production capacity by limiting roping, which allows the process to be operated closer to the limits of the cyclone manifold design.


Please see table below for greater detail of our Standard Package and Expert Package so you can decide which suits your plant’s needs.


Basic package Sensor input Control action
Roping detection Alarm only
Wear detection Alarm only
Cyclone on/off via valve position Display only
Expert package
Sensor input Control action
Complete basic package (as shown above)
Particle size distribution/density Increase/decrease water introduction, pump speed and/or number of operating cyclones
VFD amps Optimise pump speed
Sump level Optimise pump speed and water introduction

Feed pressure Optimise pump speed and/or turn off/on cyclones
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SmartCyclone technology for monitoring and correcting upsets in your cyclone circuits

Optimise, monitor and control closed-circuit grinding processes

Target your grinding process with a dedicated automation philosophy

Less process down-time
Quick roping detection and wear identification and correction.
Improved mineral recovery

Due to the reduced variation in flotation particle size distribution.

Predictable cyclone maintenance schedule
The monitoring system improves process stability, wear monitoring and management quickly and efficiently.
Increased production capacity

By adding a mechanism which the plant operator can use to monitor roping, the process may be operated closer to the limits of the cyclone manifold design.

Corrects process upsets and maximises throughput

Corrects for process distresses and manages cyclone wear to a desired maintenance schedule in addition to maximising process throughput, and reducing variations in cyclone overflow particle size distribution.

Powerful combination of sensor, communication and process control technologies

Condition monitoring

You want to make sure you are on top of developing problems in critical machinery before they arise. Condition monitoring is the process of using sensors to observe parameters of machinery in order to identify significant changes that could lead to issues. SmartCyclone
™ Standard and Expert packages are automated solutions which reduce cyclone-related process upsets and improves cyclone overflow particle size distribution. Not only does it help you fully optimise the process, it also aids you to predict and control cyclone maintenance schedules.


Wireless technology and automation

Eliminate the need for individual node boxes, and interconnecting cables between sensors and nodes and associated controllers with the compact, wireless SmartCyclone sensor system. It operates with a centralised, handheld wireless controller that can communicate with up to 16 wireless sensors per unit. This provides valuable real-time detection and communication of roping and wear data from the SmartCyclone sensors for forwarding to the control room workstation.


“Island of optimisation”

The system introduces electronic sensing and communications for KREBS hydrocyclone separator products and the encompassing process. In addition to the wireless wear and roping detection sensors, there are optional process sensors such as cyclone feed pressure and valve status, that accurately measure the operating efficiency of both individual cyclones as well as the entire cyclone circuit. This creates an “island of optimisation” for mineral processing and specialty markets.


Greater control to plan ahead

The wear sensors can report the wear status of the cyclone components, giving your operation greater control to plan ahead for parts purchasing and maintenance scheduling. Using this information the cyclones can be Auto turned off or on to achieve consistent wear across a manifold and/or in a pattern consistent with your replacement strategy. The sensors can also report when a cyclone, or the SmartCyclone system itself, is malfunctioning – such as when an individual cyclone experiences roping.


Maximum profitability

Overall, the SmartCyclone system will help a closed-circuit grinding process to achieve a level of automation with process efficiencies previously not possible with conventional processing equipment alone. Extended cyclone life and increased operational efficiency lead to the ideal outcome – improved comminution productivity, improved recovery and higher profitability.


Maximise efficiency and profitability with ECS/ProcessExpert

As part of the SmartCyclone Expert solution, the ECS/ProcessExpert software is a modern, advanced process control system able to first stabilise and then optimise key minerals processes. It balances equipment loads, manages and corrects process disruptions, and optimises wear on your plant’s equipment.


We recognise that your goal is to always ensure optimum plant performance. By dramatically reducing or eliminating manual involvement from your mill operators, ECS/ProcessExpert can consistently ensure maximum efficiency and higher profitability. It will also enable you to develop a uniform operation strategy for the best way to run your plant. An established strategy will greatly reduce the burden of training new operators.

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