Key Benefits

  • Isolation of filter plates
  • Highest industrial production rates
  • Low OPEX
  • Ease of maintenance and operation

Why the Pneumapress Filter rises above the conventional  

After years of problems with liquid/solid separation, we worked for a pressure filter with a simple, automated design. A pressure filter that would eliminate the consumable items and unnecessary manpower that all other pressure filters had been requiring for years. 

The Pneumapress Filter offers solutions to recurring, pressure-filter issues. It uses a remarkably simple filtration system which both dramatically improves solid and filtrate production, as well as reduces costs. In a test measuring the production rates of automatic filter presses, it was shown that the Pneumapress can exceed production rates by more than 1000% that of the competitor.


Conventional filter presses are complicated and come with a multitude of devices, piping and equipment. The Pneumapress design eliminates the need for these bulky parts of the product. It also eliminates consumable items such as diaphragms, gaskets, rubber seals, elastomer impregnated filter belts, carrier belts, bag filters and other equipment.


Since the Pneumapress Filters are simple, versatile and use very few consumable items, they are compatible with many different applications. They even work well with specialized applications such as processing corrosive and/or high-temperature streams. Even under these circumstances, the filter produces dry and uniform solids and high-quality filtrate. The Pneumapress can produce a filter cake up to 98.5% solids, and the filter cakes are much thicker than those produced by other filters. The filtrate is cleaner since the Pneumapress reduces partide count and improves clarity. The filter can also control toxic gases or volatile material, and steam or other non-reactive gas can be used to displace liquids from solids. Their design also makes them simple to maintain and operate.


Compatible applications

  • Mineral processing
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Chemical dewatering
  • Food processing
  • Concentrates

There have also been rapid advances in media technology since the creation of the Pneumapress which produces higher quality filter cakes. The new filtration media influences producing a dry cake, effectively washing the cake, producing clean filtrate and for a long filter media life. The Pneumapress Filter is adaptable to the most efficient filter media suited for each application.


These revolutionary improvements have made the Pneumapress the standard for pressure filters. It ultimately offers higher quality performance with lower maintenance costs than any other tower press filter available. 

What the Pneumapress can do for you 

Isolatable plates
Isolatable plates deliver higher overall availability of the filter. With the ability to isolate a plate, the remaining filter plates stay in operation, meaning production continues. There isn’t another commercially available tower press that can match the Pneumapress in terms of availability. The unique design means each filter plate is consider as an individual filter, including a drive motor and cloth washing system on each plate.  
Highest production rates
High production rates require less filtration area, which results in smaller ancillary equipment and a reduced footprint. Due to the functional design of the equipment, the mechanical step of a membrane squeeze is eliminated as well as the mechanical time for a single serpentine filter cloth. The reduce mechanical time, coupled with the streamlined and efficient operation results with filtration rates of 3 to 4 times that of the competition.  
The robust design of the Pneumapress has limited spare parts and the parts that do require regular serving are designed to provide the longest life possible. When considering the high efficiency and low installed power, the total cost of ownership is on average 1/3rd less than other tower press filters.  
Ease of Maintenance & Operation
The filter was designed from the beginning with the focus on ease of operation and maintenance. The routine tasks associated with cloth wash or cloth change out are simplified to reduce down time. Although the equipment may look complex, the process of operating the equipment involves only a few steps. Due to the mode of operation, the filter is also highly adaptable to the ever changing process requirements at many processing plants.  

The technology behind the Pneumapress 

The Pneumapress Filter’s design is simple making it easier to operate and perform maintenance. The mechanical structure used to support the filter consists of two columns, an upper and lower support beam and two base beams. The filter plate(s) and single hydraulic cylinder are within the support structure. The hydraulic cylinder opens and closes the filter plate(s) and keeps them closed when the filtration process is in progress. Each filter plate has an upper and lower chamber with two layers of filter belt between the chambers.

There are two basic filter designs: single module and multi module. The multi module filter uses many filter plates and, if requested, can be made to expand at a later date. The single module filter operates with just a single filter plate, and it can also be designed for later expansion.

Pneumapress also has a special sanitary design option for operations who require more secure cake handling. In the sanitary design, the filter is made to prevent any contamination of the filter cake to produce a food-grade product. The sanitary filter can, upon request, include clean-in-place options. This offers internal and external cleaning of the filter plates and an optional stainless steel structure cladding. In food-grade and pharmaceutical applications, Pneumapress sanitary filters are available. 

Operational simplicity 
The filter is completely automatic and no operator intervention is required at any time during the filter cycle. It can be controlled through a nearby control panel or through remote control.
The Pneumapress Filter doesn’t leak or discharge unprocessed slurry and is engineered to withstand high operating pressures. It offers a long unit life despite stressful, day-to-day performance.
Low installation and maintenance costs
The simplicity of installation and maintenance means lower costs. Installation consists of minimal structural installation requirements, peripheral equipment and floor space requirements paired with simple assembly and few process connections. The Pneumapress filter’s mechanical simplicity ensures simpler maintenance. 

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