Key Benefits

  • Increased throughput
  • Higher operating open area
  • Less pegging
  • Longer operating life
  • Designed to fit into a number of fastening systems

A reliable modular screen panel designed for your needs

We know your needs are straightforward when it comes to modular screen panels: you want them to work properly (no pegging or blinding), you want them to be long-lasting, and you want them to be available when you need them. That is why the LUDODECK Continuous Slot Aperture Panels were designed with exactly those needs in mind.

What are they?

LUDODECK Continuous Slot Panels are the highest open area, fine aperture modular screen panels in the world today. They combine the advantages of the long wear life characteristics of polyurethane with the high open area pattern of profile wire. The panels were field tested for more than two years in a number of coal streams to ensure the quality of the product was second to none, with great results.


How will they help my business?

In the current landscape, plants are upgrading capacity to maximise screen performance and increase profitability. LUDODECK Continuous Slot Aperture Panels will help you achieve those goals thanks to their high open area, which is 10 to 30 per cent higher than that of standard polyurethane modular panels of the same aperture. That will help you to lift throughput while reducing the risk of pegging or blinding. And with our global manufacturing base and storage facilities across the world, we can ensure a reliable supply of panels for your business.

Long-lasting, reliable modular screen panels with a high open area

Do you want panels that are longer lasting and allow you to increase your throughput while reducing your losses? LUDODECK Continuous Slot Aperture Panels are the result of years of work, and are designed to do just that.

Increased throughput

The panels are designed with an open area that is about 10 to 30 per cent greater than that of standard polyurethane modular panels of the same aperture. That will allow you to increase the amount of material that passes through each screen which means greater throughput through the same screen or, alternatively, better quality screen products.

Fewer losses

In fine apertures, deviation from tolerance can result in less material being recovered or large losses of valuable screen product. Since that will ultimately reduce the profitability of your plant, it’s vital to ensure apertures have the tightest possible tolerances. LUDODECK Continuous Slot Aperture Panels have a standard deviation over the specified aperture size of just +/-10 μm to reduce losses.

Longer operating life

Reliable and long-lasting, the panels are built to go the distance so you don’t have to worry about expensive, unplanned shutdowns.

Modular screen panels with multiple applications

These panels are designed to be used in a range of operations and are compatible with several FLSmidth systems.

Multiple applications

Compatible with horizontal or banana-type screen decks, the panels are ideally suited for dewatering, desliming, fine classification and heavy media recovery applications.

Compatible with FLSmidth Panel Systems

LUDODECK Continuous Slot Aperture Panels are versatile and designed to fit with several FLSmidth panel systems. They’re conceived to be compatible with our PIPO Two® Modular Screen Panels System.


High open area

The higher open area of the LUDODECK Continuous Slot Aperture Panel, which is as much as 30 per cent larger than in standard polyurethane panels, will substantially increase throughput in your plant. It will also allow for more efficient media recovery and will reduce moisture levels on discharge.

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