Key Benefits

  • Safe and efficient maintenance
  • Eliminates the need for a torch ring
  • Premium quality solutions

Upgraded safety solutions for your cone crusher maintenance

Our special design locking bolts ensure precise, uniform preload and eliminate the need for a torch ring. The unique design protects the threads of the locking bolt and head.

Safety in design - optimising maintenance and reliability

Upgrade Solution

Our UltraBolt uses a uniform preload system of bolts to tighten the jacking bolt, eliminating the need for a slug wrench. If that good news isn’t enough, torch rings are also a thing of the past because our design uses a unique thrust plate that is not consumed during installation. The thrust plate protects the bolt from impact to ensure a long-lasting product that is designed to save you money in the long run with minimal spares needed for a liner change.

excel ultrabolt tension bolt

So many benefits from one simple part

Upgrading a single component can make a substantial improvement to your maintenance procedures. Sometimes it can be the elegantly simple part that makes the biggest difference.

Safe and efficient maintenance

Standard maintenance procedures, such as replacing the mantle and liners can be both faster and safer with the right upgrade.


As you can see our UltraBolt jack bolt tensioning system is a simple solution that makes it easy to remove and later reinstall the jack bolt. Skip the hours and risk that are traditionally spent swinging a weighted object against the slug wrench to loosen or tighten the bolt. And replace that method with one that quickly produces a reliable torque.

Eliminates torch ring


The conventional use of a torch ring is hazardous because the ring is typically cut under pressure. Rather than telling maintenance personnel to be careful while they perform a task known to be dangerous, we recommend a simple upgrade to remove the hazard.



Premium quality solutions


Quality is an important part of every step of our process. From design planning through manufacturing and final inspections, we know that you count on us to bring you the quality that you deserve. We put the same dedication into the UltraBolt jack bolt tensioning systems we create for OEM crushers as we put into the systems we make for our own crushers.


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