Wear parts and consumables for all parts of your operation

Wear parts and consumables are important for the operation of every plant. In contrast to durable goods, wear parts and consumables are parts or components that are intended to be consumed and are products that customer use recurrently within an 18-month period. In order to meet your needs, we aim to be a one-stop-shop provider of these wear parts and consumables.

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You need to plan ahead to ensure your operation is constantly running reliably and smoothly. For that reason, we assist you with regular inspections and monitoring to help you plan for and obtain the necessary wear parts and consumables. Maintaining peak productivity is paramount and it’s why we stand ever ready to assist when new wear parts and consumables are needed.


We gladly undertake the task of providing advice, service, original wear parts and consumables that meet exact or compatible specifications. Our know-how is based on many years of experience, as well as records on all systems and products delivered by FLSmidth.


We are proud to be your preferred partner for wear parts and consumables. Because of our commitment to serving you, we ensure top class manufacturing of all of our wear parts and consumables, so you can be certain they are engineered to the highest standards.