Key Benefits

  • Long wear life
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Cost effective

Hard-wearing, high impact absorbing rubber screen systems

Are you keen to reduce screen wear in your harsh environment, to keep costs down and achieve operational efficiencies? LUDODECK Rubber Screening Systems are designed to complement woven wire, trommel screens and modular polyurethane screens to reduce wear and improve performance in the most aggressive environments.

They can be used in tension mats, modular or special heavy-duty steel backed formats, and can be engineered to suit your needs.


Optimum performance

Maximise your screening performance. Our engineers have specifically designed LUDODECK Rubber Screening Systems to screen efficiently and resist damage by cuts and abrasion. Rubber has an exceptional ability to withstand harsh conditions, which will extend wear life, and will also reduce noise to improve the work environment. These systems perform well in wet or dry environments, with a track record of reducing pegging and blinding in wet environments. 


Flexible configurations

You decide the configuration you need. We offer LUDODECK Rubber Screening Systems in a wide variety of configurations to ensure they can be customised to your needs. The screening systems are available in a range of apertures including squares, slots and rounds. You will also be able to choose a number of extras including deflectors, flow bars, rider bars and weirs. Please contact us to find out more – our support staff would be pleased to recommend a customised configuration to suit your operation.

Multiple applications

LUDODECK Rubber Screening Systems are especially suited to the following uses:

  • scalping
  • sizing
  • trommel screens
  • mining and aggregate industry
  • scrubbing
  • mineral processing.

Simple to install, cost-effective rubber screening

Experience tells us you want a straightforward solution that can handle even the harshest of conditions. That’s why LUDODECK Rubber Screening Systems have been expertly designed to be easy to install and hard wearing.

Long wear life
The Rubber Screening Systems offer a high degree of elasticity, which makes them resistant to tearing. They are also able to handle very high temperatures. This helps extend their life and will reduce the need for downtime to replace screening.
Easy to install and handle
LUDODECK Rubber Screening Systems have been conceived to be a simple and easy to implement solution for your business. Our screens are easier to handle than other types of panels, making them simpler to install and remove, and helping to keep maintenance costs down.
Cost effective
Hard wearing and highly accurate, these systems are a cost-effective way to help lift the performance of your plant while reducing costs.

Rubber screens, customised for your needs

LUDODECK Rubber Screening Systems are available in tension mat, modular and trommel screen formats:


Rubber tension mats

Our punched rubber tension mats are manufactured using two layers of premium quality, wear-resistant rubber, with tyre cord reinforcement situated between the layers. The reinforcement allows for correct and constant tensioning of the cloth. These mats are highly flexible and will reduce pegging and blinding as well as noise pollution.

Thinner cloths are available at thicknesses of 3 mm to 15 mm with a single-ply fabric reinforcement. Thicker cloths are available at thicknesses of 20 mm to 35 mm with two layers.


Rubber trommel screens

The rubber trommel screen panels are hard-wearing, long-lasting and provide greater flexibility for applications. They offer a high open area and accurate classification, and are suitable for both wet and dry applications, including mineral sands, coal, phosphate and gravel.


If required, these panels can be steel reinforced, and lightweight modules are manufactured with innovative fixing mounts that protect the trommel and facilitate quick installation. Additionally, we’ve ensured our trommel screen panels can be configured in virtually any way you desire.


Modular screens

Our modular rubber panels complement the PIPO2 and Pin System Modular Screen Panels. Installed in high impact/high wear zones, they provide long life with the ease of being installed and maintained on a modular fixing system. They are simple and easy to replace with a service life designed to match your planned shutdowns.

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