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Technologies to match your product: FLSmidth Hydromet solutions

FLSmidth employees live and breathe innovation every day. Our technical experts dig in, first to understand your process and then apply technical excellence to solve your most challenging issues. All the while, FLSmidth partners with customers to add value and implement complete hydrometallurgical solutions.


FLSmidth provides high end solutions for primary and secondary sulfide and oxide mineral dissolution, soluble metal recovery, metal recovery and impurities removal for a variety of base and precious metals. These solutions may be tailored and packaged to suit project needs ranging from individual unit operations to bundled proprietary equipment to supply to process island supply to complete plant engineering, procurement and site services.


FLSmidth Hydromet Services

  • Metallurgical Testing
  • Project Studies
  • Basic & Detailed Engineering
  • Equipment Supply
  • Commissioning / Start-up
  • Automation
  • Spare Parts
  • Operation and Maintenance


Rapid Oxidative Leaching

The FLSmidth ROL process uses a proprietary mechano-chemical leaching process to overcome passivation and is able to dissolve copper from chalcopyrite is less than 6 hours. With activation prior to leaching, the leaching is reduced further to less than 3 hours.

  • Cu dissolution is 99%+
  • P80 < 70µm.
  • Operating temperature approximately 80oC
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Handles variable feed grades between 7-28% Cu
  • Sulfur in leach residue is predominantly S0 with a small amount oxidized to SO4-2
  • Insensitive to silica or clay content


The FLSmidth ROL process may be used for:

  • Maintaining PLS flow and grade in brownfield heap leach operations where heap leach production is declining to produce cathode copper via Sx-Ew.
  • Brownfield and greenfield operations encountering arsenic contamination unacceptable to smelters.
  • Brownfield and greenfield operations encountering ore that is difficult to concentrate to a copper grade suitable for smelting.

Soluble Metal Recovery
FLSmidth looks at the process from every angle to insure that soluble metal recovery is maximized for your hydrometallurgical plant. With over 100 years of solid-liquid separation experience, FLSmidth uses best-in-class technology and industry leading experience to solve problems for our clients. FLSmidth works to maximize soluble metal recovery for both counter-current decantation (CCD) and counter-current filtration (CCF).


FLSmidth leads through technology, applying the best solution for your application. These include:


  • EIMCO® E-Volute™ Feedwell 
    The EIMCO® E-Volute™ feedwell gives superior distribution of the feed over other feed entry systems. This even distribution results in higher solids recovery rates with lower flocculant dosing and lower shear rates.
  • High Density or Paste Thickeners 
    CCD circuit wash efficiency increases with an increase in thickener underflow density. High Density and Paste thickeners produce higher underflow solids concentrations. In turn, this minimizes the number of stages, leading to a lower installed cost. FLSmidth has successfully applied these technologies in CCD circuits around the world.
  • Rollerdeck HBF designs 
    With the FLSmidth rollerdeck design on the HBF the drainage belt is supported by low friction rollers which ensures perfect horizontal belt and filter cake level at the lowest possible drive power consumption. This provides the best process performance at the lowest maintenance and power cost.


Sx-Ew Technology

FLSmidth supplies our customers with a complete line of Sx-Ew technology designed to maximize metal recovery and the production of extremely high quality copper cathodes. Services include:

  • Complete plant audits
  • Project studies
  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Equipment supply
  • Supervisory services during construction
  • Pre-operational testing
  • Start-up support
  • Performance testing
  • Complete operations and maintenance services

FLSmidth goes the distance to Sx-Ew technology that delivers for our customers. Benefits include:

  • Safe, reliable operation
  • Low installed capital requirements
  • Minimum organic losses and low initial inventory
  • Flexible designs to minimize piping and electrical runs

FLSmidth's research and develop moves fast to keep pace with our client's needs. Our latest innovation, the FLSmidth VertiFlux™ column settler reduces the plant footprint by 60% while minimizing process inventories of both organic and copper.

Impurities Removal

FLSmidth® MaxR™ Technology improves conventional impurities removal processes through the effective and proven method of recycling a fraction of the thickener underflow to the front of the process. This, in turn, allows newly precipitated solids to grow on top of existing particles. The result is a coarser particle size distribution of higher densities of the tailings stream. The benefits of the FLSmidth® MaxR™ include:

  • Lower CAPEX
  • Coarser particle size distribution
  • Higher solids density
  • Heterogeneous precipitates with gypsum as ballast
  • Gypsum encapsulated dilute metals
  • Faster reaction kinetics
  • Faster settling rates and improved filtration

The volume of the impurities for disposal is greatly reduced resulting in savings disposal site costs.

The FLSmidth® MaxR™ enhances the performance of the impurities removal circuit driving it equipment to its minimum size. Customers have realized quantifiable improvements over conventional technology as shown below

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