Key Benefits

  • Better performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Minimal operational costs

FLSmidth’s fluidised heating system offers services that can’t be surpassed

At FLSmidth, we understand how important it is to find the right fluidised heating system for effective material processing. That’s why we advise you look no further than our Hydro-Aire Heater, a thermal processing system that is suited for a range of services, including cooling, drying, heating, low-temperature calcining, steam generation, indirect-air heating and numerous other heating processes.

Our Hydro-Aire Heater’s primary mode of heat transfer is via indirect heating, which allows for heating mediums such as steam and hot fluids. It is designed to work efficiently with fine powders and a variety of granulated materials, such as alumina, zircon, clay catalyst, phosphate materials, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, organic crystal, synthetic resin, limestone filler, and flux. Materials with a particle size ranging from 10 microns up to 6mm can be accommodated.

Being a static vessel, the only moving parts in the entire system are fans and blowers, which are responsible for handling clean air. Plug flow is stimulated to avoid heat exchange zones short-circuiting, meaning better heat transfer performance overall.

What makes this product stand out from others of its kind is the intentional separation between the fluidisation process and the heat transfer process. Consistent fluidisation velocity is always maintained regardless of the heat load. Heat transfer is then handled via indirect means of passing a hot fluid or steam through the heat exchanger plates that are submerged in the fluidised bed of material. The result is a gentle means of preheating that can also support high rates of heat exchange.

With its outstanding benefits and features, our Hydro-Aire Heater has been designed with safety, efficiency, and financial impact in mind. 

Consistent advantages of the Hydro-Aire Heater

Problems that you often face with other heating equipment are solved with our Hydro-Aire Heater. It aims to consistently meet your needs and offers superior performance over competing brands.

Better performance

The Hydro-Aire Heater has been designed to maintain more consistent heating processes. This is because the process of fluidisation is separated from the heat transfer media. This means that a consistent fluidisation velocity can always be maintained, resulting in better productivity.

Low maintenance

Our Hydro-Aire Heater heating coils are made of stainless steel. Combined with its robust stationary design, it promises a long service life, making it worth the investment.

Tailored to your needs
The Hydro-Aire Heater is suitable for many applications and can be adjusted to meet any of your process requirements. It can also be designed to process corrosive materials, making it a flexible piece of machinery, a quality that is valued highly.
Minimal operation cost
The Hydro-Aire Heater keeps operational costs to a minimum. This is because the need for maintenance is small, and worker input is negligible.

Fluidisation heater features designed for safety and reliability 

The features offered with our Hydro-Aire Heater are designed to improve your heating experience. Our focus on safety and reliability keeps our customers coming back; we are confident you will do the same.

Low temperatures

The Hydro-Aire Heater is a conduction-type heat transfer system, which means that heat is transferred indirectly. Because of this, the chance of a fire hazard is minimal. Low temperatures throughout the system also mean that there is less need for refractory maintenance.

Gentle fluidisation

The Hydro-Aire Heater cultivates a gentle fluidisation system. This means that fine abrasive materials can be processed without causing severe wear.

Internal coils

Internal coils are included as the primary source of heat transfer. Because this method is used more in the system than fluidised air, smaller dust collection equipment is needed, heat loss is reduced, and the consumption of inert gas is lowered. The coils are also designed for high-pressure environments as per ASME requirements, promising a safer experience.

Excellent material agitation

The Hydro-Aire Heater has been designed to agitate materials effectively. This ensures excellent contact with coil surfaces, which optimises heat transfer rates, improving overall performance.

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