Key Benefits

  • Better performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Customisable
  • Minimal operational costs

FLSmidth provides a cooling system that optimises material processing

At FLSmidth, we know the importance of having the right fluidized cooling system for effective material processing. That’s why we manufactured the Hydro-Aire Cooler, a material processing system, in which air is used to cool materials.

Our Hydro-Aire Cooler’s main method of cooling is via indirect air, where the air, carrying airborne material is cooled by passing it over a stationary cooled grid of plates. It can be used on several fine materials, including alumina, zircon, clay catalyst, phosphate materials, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, organic crystal, synthetic resin, limestone filler, and flux. It can handle materials of a particle size ranging from 10 microns up to 6mm.

As it is a static vessel – meaning that it is stationary – the only moving parts in the entire system are fans and blowers, which handle the clean air that is passed through the system. To prevent air exchange zones short-circuiting, plug flow is stimulated, resulting in more reliability.

This product is superior to the rest of its kind, as it has a mechanism where the fluidization process and the cooling process are separated. This leads to consistent fluidization velocity being maintained via indirect means of passing chilled air through the cooling plates that are submerged in the fluidized bed of material. The result is a gentle means of cooling that can also support high rates of air exchange.

With its extraordinary features and advantages, our Hydro-Aire Cooler has been built with security, productivity, and profitability at the top of our priority list.

The Hydro-Aire Cooler promises more reliability with a customisable experience 

Issues that you frequently face with other cooling equipment are resolved with our Hydro-Aire Cooler. It intends to reliably address your needs and offers better execution over contending brands. 

Better performance 
The Hydro-Aire Cooler has been engineered to keep a progressively steady cooling performance. This is because fluidization is isolated from the cooling process. This implies that a constant fluidization speed can be maintained, bringing about better profitability.
Low maintenance
Our Hydro-Aire Cooler internal coils and plates are made of tempered steel. Joined with its robust stationary structure, it is invulnerable to general wear-and-tear, guaranteeing a longer lifespan.  
The Hydro-Aire Cooler is appropriate for numerous applications and can be changed to suit any of your plant’s needs. The number of materials it can process is also diverse, which includes coarse powders that often can’t be handled by competing coolers.
Minimal operational costs
The Hydro-Aire Cooler requires little operational expenses. This is because the need for maintenance is low and that it can run effectively with little personnel input. 

Features for more productivity and better execution

FLSmidth’s Hydro-Aire Cooler is a versatile piece of machinery that’s features are intended to improve your plant’s cooling process. Contrasting with other products available, we guarantee that these features will enhance your plant's performance

Gentle fluidization


The Hydro-Aire Cooler cultivates a delicate fluidized operation. This means that fine, grating materials can be processed without causing extreme wear.


Internal coils


Internal coils and plates are used primarily for the cooling process. This results in a lesser need for dust collection equipment, and lower consumption of inert gas. The coils are also designed for high-pressure environments as per ASME requirements, promising a safer experience.


Phenomenal material agitation


The Hydro-Aire Cooler has been intended to agitate materials successfully. This guarantees phenomenal contact with coil surfaces, which upgrades cooling rates, improving general execution. 

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