Key Benefits

  • Large solids passing size
  • Extended wear life
  • No sump level control required
  • Easy to operate, easy to maintain

vMAX Pumps - making sump and plant floor clean-up a breeze!

The process of pumping fluids that contain large solids, or transferring highly viscous fluids, can be fraught with difficulties. Common problems with vertical sump pumps include build-up of solids at the suction inlet, leakage from the back of the casing, and excessive vibration.

The vMAX addresses these concerns with its improved hydraulic design. Its bottom-only suction configuration prevents solids from clogging the sump. The improved impeller design eliminates the vibration issues, while its high-performance expelling vanes on the back of the impeller shroud work to prevent leakage.


The vMAX includes a suction strainer that works as a particulate filter to prevent large particles from entering the pump. A blinded or clogged strainer will ultimately lead to pump failure. To counter this, the vMAX Pump features an oversized suction-strainer surface area that prevents premature blinding and increases operational life, as it also eliminates the need to remove the pump for cleaning.

Designed to operate successfully under typical-to-extreme clean-up sump pump duties, the vMAX delivers the following:


  • Continuous operation without sump level control
  • Large solids passing size
  • Reduced clogging and blinding, with subsequent required pump removal for cleaning
krebs vMAX pump dredge metal section

vMAX-R (rubber lined)

The vMAX-R Rubber Lined Cantilever Pump has been developed for the most difficult corrosive slurries with finer solids. Every part that could come into contact with the slurry is elastomer lined to ensure reliability. With multiple materials options, such as neoprene, EPDM, or chlorobutyl, the vMAX-R is adaptable to many different acid and slurry temperature combinations
krebs vMAX pump dredge rubber lining section

Set it and forget it – a sump pump you can trust day in, day out

Large solids passing size
With a large solid passing size, the vMAX prevents solids from settling at the bottom of the sump. The results? No blinding. No shutdown due to clogging.
Long wear life
Both metal and rubber options are available with our vMAX and vMAX-R Pumps to provide the best wear life for each application. The vMAX handles large solids applications, while the vMAX-R is well suited to corrosion-resistant and fine-solids abrasion applications.
No sump level control required
When the sump has been emptied of slurry, the fully recessed impeller design allows the solids to return down the discharge pipe without choking the pump. As the sump level rises, the vMAX will discharge the slurry until the level is below the suction pipe, at which point the slurry in the discharge pipe can return safely to the sump. In conventional sump pumps, the returning solids impact the impeller and cause violent vibrations which can lead to catastrophic failure.
Easy to operate, easy to maintain

No impeller adjustments required. No need for water flush. Operates without level control, if required. You truly can install it, set it and forget it.

Extreme-duty Sump Pump

We developed our vMAX line of vertical cantilever hard-metal pumps for both conventional and harsh clean-up sump and process duties that require reduced degradation of any pumped solids. The fully recessed impeller design permits passing of large solids and operates without the need for sump level control. The vMAX design results in reliable continuous operation, no required impeller adjustments, less downtime, and simple maintenance.

	krebs vMAX pump dredge vertical sump pump

Additional features

The vMAX’s cantilever design does not require a stuffing box seal or submerged bearings.


The drive-end bearing is a fixed-clearance twin taper roller that provides axial thrust. The impeller-end bearing is a parallel roller design that delivers radial thrust. Bearings are grease-lubricated. A rigid 1040 steel shaft with large bearing span reduces shaft deflection and bearing loads.


An integral discharge elbow on the casing works to reduce localized wear.


With an integral mounting plate for supporting the pump above the sump, a steel discharge pipe extends above the liquid level, and is fixed to the mounting plate for access to your existing piping.


The adjustable motor mount is integral to the power frame assembly, and allows tension adjustment of the v-belt drive.


We provide a lifting yoke for crane hook suspension over the sump.


We offer pump sizes from 2-in (50 mm), 3-in (80 mm), 4-in (100 mm), 6-in (150 mm) and 8-in (200 mm), in submerged lengths of 4-ft (1.2 m), 5-ft (1.5 m), 6-ft (1.8 m) 7-ft (2.1 m), and 10-ft (3.0 m).


2 x 2 50 mm x 50 mm
3 x 3 80 mm x 80 mm
4 x 4 100 mm x 100 mm
6 x 6 150 mm x 150 mm
8 x 8 200 mm x 200 mm



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