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Rotary kiln burners that offer efficiency and quality

At FLSmidth, we understand how important it is to have a burner that offers complete combustion and is able to produce the most effective thermal processing available. Because of this, we have engineered a range of rotary kiln burners that provide you with efficiency, versatility, and quality.

As it is our promise to create systems that are more sustainable, our rotary kiln burners have been designed to lower the amount of nitrogen oxide being put into the atmosphere. They are capable of functioning with a wide range of fuels, including alternative fuels, such as methanol and hydrogen. They are also multi-channel systems, providing more productive combustion of materials. With numerous configurable features to choose from, we aim to satisfy.

Uniflow Burner

FLSmidth’s Uniflow Burner is a rotary kiln burner that offers a versatile processing experience. As a two-channel machine, fuel is placed into one channel, while the other channel is filled with primary air, resulting in a burner that is more compact and can be used with smaller kilns. It is compatible with alternative fuels and possesses features that are designed to lower emissions, giving it a lighter environmental footprint. It is highly configurable and customisable, allowing you to dictate its applications as well as its parameters.

FeNi Burner

The FeNi Burner is a variant of the Uniflow Burner, with three channels instead of two. While the first two channels complete the same processes as the Uniflow Burner, the third channel is used to process secondary air, allowing it to achieve a more complete combustion of fuel. Although it is less compact than the Uniflow Burner, it provides you with a second option that offers similar benefits. 

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