Key Benefits

  • Better performance
  • Reduces pegging and blinding
  • Quality manufacturing

Flexible, superior woven wire screens

We know the commercial reality of your business means trying to find a way to lift performance while reducing costs. You can’t afford to have an inefficient screening operation. But we also know the screening needs of your plant or business are unique – a one-size fits all solution isn’t the answer for you. Our LUDODECK® Woven Wire Agavibe Screens offer you the flexibility of our conventional woven wire screens but will also deliver a superior performance.

Unlike traditional woven wire screens, which use locking wire, our Agavibe screens are made with flat wire joined together by long stringer wires. The result is a more active surface in which the wire can move independently. This reduces build-up and lowers the risk of pegging and blinding considerably. You’ll be able to lift throughput while avoiding the need to shut down your operations for screen cleaning.


Our LUDODECK Woven Wire Agavibe Screens are suited to a number of uses, including:

  • sand and gravel industry
  • mineral processing
  • aggregate industry
  • sizing
  • scalping.

Lift your performance with our LUDODECK Woven Wire Agavibe Screens

Our LUDODECK Woven Wire Agavibe Screens will help improve throughput in your screening operations by reducing pegging and blinding. We can offer a consistent, high level of performance backed by quality manufacturing.

Better performance
The more active surface of our Agavibe Screens will allow your screening operations to perform better under all conditions. You’ll be able to continue processing material at a similar rate whether conditions are wet or dry.
Reduces pegging and blinding
These screens will significantly reduce, or even eliminate, the risk of pegging and blinding in your operations. You’ll be able to continue operating without the threat of unplanned downtime to clear your screens.
Quality manufacturing
Our LUDODECK Woven Wire Agavibe Screens are produced using our state-of-the-art equipment and overseen by our expert staff. With us, you’re getting the highest quality screens possible.

A more active woven wire screen surface

Our LUDODECK Agavibe Screens panels offer a more active surface than conventional woven mesh panels.

Instead of locking wires, the wire is laid out flat and joined with long stringer wires. This ensures more vibration and flexibility on the screen surface, making it easier for material to pass through. This reduces the risk of pegging and blinding significantly, or even entirely.


These screens are manufactured with tension hooks and are easy to install and remove. Field testing has shown the performance of Agavibe Screens on wet days is similar to that achieved on dry days.

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