Efficient and reliable induced-air flotation

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Proven efficiency for optimum particle recovery

Flotation is about creating the proper energy dissipation rate in the cells to obtain optimal contact between the air bubbles and the particles for extracting the minerals. The function of the rotor/stator is to make bubbles from the induced air, suspend the particles, and create an environment for bubbles and particles to make contact and rise to the top as froth for concentration and collection.

Induced air flow provides excellent aeration, mechanical simplicity and capital economy. Induced-air flotation cells deliver airflow into the pulp with the turning of the rotor, which pulls in the ambient air. No forced-air supply system is required, eliminating the capital and operating costs of blowers and distribution piping. Airflow compensation for varying feed densities is automatic, minimising the need for operator attention. And our cells increase your availability, as they can be serviced online without interrupting production.


In the induced-air design, we have positioned the rotor higher in the flotation tank, with the following results:


  • Shorter froth travel distance for improved coarse particle recovery
  • Reduced maintenance and greater availability through less wear
  • Reversing and inverting rotor further extends life
  • Mechanisms are changeable without shutting down or draining the row of cell
  • Rotors will restart easily under load
  • No blower, with associated air piping, required


Choose induced-air flotation for productivity

Superior air dispersion and high slurry re-circulation ensure adequate residence time for optimum recovery and concentrate grade.


Choose induced-air flotation for economy

The simple design induces aeration naturally, reducing both capital and operating costs. Efficient air dispersion cuts down on frother consumption. Reduced mechanism erosion lowers your maintenance costs.


Whether incorporated into our original 1+1 flotation machine design or our newer-generation SmartCell flotation cell, self-aspirating induced-air flotation technology combines ease of operation with improved metallurgical performance.


A summary of benefits from our induced-air flotation cells:


  • Higher recovery and grade
  • Easier start-up
  • Simpler operation
  • Lower reagent consumption
  • Longer mechanism life
  • Less required maintenance

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