Key Benefits

  • Improved strength
  • Better lubricity
  • Smoother operation
  • Uniform gain structure

Premium spare parts for the full range of compression crushers

Our mission is to provide you with durability and support for all of your replacement and spare parts needs. We offer a full range of parts to fit your compression crusher machinery. And because our products are backed by exceptional customer service, you’ll always have the best support in choosing the right parts solutions.

Intelligent solutions

To provide you with exceptional value and performance for mining and aggregate equipment, we developed intelligent solutions for our customers, and augmented that relationship with dedicated support. Through our application-driven, site-specific engineering, our products have earned the confidence of operations around the world.


Why are EXCEL spare parts superior?

Our commitment to improving design and ease of use come first.  If we can improve and manufacture a crusher component that helps our customers achieve longer lasting part, reliability and ease of use we follow through.  Our Quality standards are very strict.  We have inspectors that make sure throughout the process that we hold the tight tolerances, and provide exceptional high quality parts.


We design and manufacture parts for the following crushers:


Quality and innovation: EXCEL spare parts for compression crushers

When components of your essential equipment fail, finding the right spare parts becomes vitally important. Our compression crusher spare parts are designed to offer increased durability, smoother operation and reduced maintenance expenses, so that you can get your essential equipment up and running as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Improved strength

Tin is the most expensive ingredient in the metallurgy of crusher bronze alloys, but tougher bushings mean less downtime and fewer replacement cycles. Some competitors minimise this important component in order to increase their bottom line. We use the maximum percentage of tin to increase your bottom line – a difference you can bank on! We certify our crusher bronze to the top end of the CDA specification for tin.

Better lubricity

Standard foundry molding techniques allow uneven, non-directional cooling that can cause lead migration.  We use a unique chilling process that assures even dispersion of lead throughout the casting. Our technique provides consistent lubricity and heat dissipation, which increases bushing life and reduces unexpected failure This proprietary process does not add to your cost or the turnaround time of your part.

Smoother operation

Simultaneous 4-axis turning ensures concentricity. We simultaneously cut the outer and inner diameter. Using this technology guarantees absolute concentricity.

Uniform gain structure

The integrity of our grain structure and the purity of our alloys ensures strong, long lasting spare parts. Centrifugal casting technique ensures alloy integrity. The purity of our raw materials, coupled with controlled, directional solidification during the casting process creates a tighter, denser grain structure in our alloys while eliminating 99.9% of the gas pockets that produce porosity.

Spare parts for a range of compression crushers

Our compression crusher spare part offering gives you high-quality component solutions to improve your business. From arm liners to top shells, and everything in between, our products will have your machinery operating like new — or better.

We offer repair and replacement spare parts for crushers.  Listed below is part of our entire offering for crusher spare parts:

  • Arm liner
  • Bottom shell
  • Bottom shell bushing
  • Clamping ring
  • Dust collar and seal ring
  • Eccentric
  • Eccentric bushing, gear, support and wearing plate 
  • Head nut 
  • Hub liner
  • Hydroset™ bushing, cylinder and oil seal
  • Main shaft
  • Main shaft sleeve and step
  • Pinion
  • Pinionshaft
  • Pinionshaft seal, bearing and housing
  • Piston wear plate
  • Spider
  • Spider arm guard, bushing, cap and oil seal
  • Step washer
  • Top shell


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