Key Benefits

  • Heavy-duty design and components with hydraulic take up system
  • Lifetime lubricated impact rollers for cement operations
  • Raw material blending system for your cement needs
  • Delivery tailored to your requirements and mining site conditions
  • Mining application has tractor type SALT chain

Apron Feeder moves various cement and mining raw materials efficiently

Our long-lasting Apron Feeders are ideal for both cement and mineral processing applications to extract bulk materials from under a dump hopper or regulated feed to a crusher. Raw material is dumped directly into a reinforced feed hopper and extracted by the Apron Feeder, ensuring a steady flow of material to the next stage of the process. The reliable construction of these Apron Feeders makes them easy to operate and maintain.

Broaden your feeder horizons

Our Apron Feeders efficiently feed material of different sizes and densities – from dry and abrasive to wet and sticky. Apron Feeders can also deliver volumetrically regulated feed metering to prevent material flooding.

By positioning two Apron Feeders perpendicular to each other, it is possible to feed the same crusher with two different materials at the same time. This option for the cement industry combines comminution and blending in one convenient installation.


It’s a hard life – our Apron Feeder makes it easier

Being exposed to material with sharp, abrasive and hard edges, such as run-of-mine material tipped directly from mining trucks, requires high-strength, heavy-duty feeders with components that can endure continuous operation. The Apron Feeder for mining uses the highest quality componentry; such as cast manganese steel aprons, sealed and lubricated (SALT) chain components and forged alloy steel main shafts.

The apron pans are designed for the harshest operational conditions. Any impact from materials is absorbed by the aprons themselves and by impact rollers or beams placed below the aprons. The impact rollers in the Apron Feeder for cement applications are designed to minimise friction and energy consumption.


Tailor-made for your cement and mining needs

Our proven Apron Feeder comes standard with a trough, discharge casing and dribble conveyor and is designed to be installed horizontally or at an incline. It can also be placed at any point in your material handling set-up, before or after a primary crusher.

The type designation of the Apron Feeder, for example AF 2800 x 12, indicates its nominal width in millimetres and length in metres. Widths range from 900 mm to 3600 mm based on various lengths. Apron Feeders designated for mining applications include reference to the type of its SALT chain components, too.

For the mining industry, the Apron Feeder can be transported to your construction site as major components or delivered as one complete unit, depending on the desired size.


Ease your maintenance load

We have designed our Apron Feeders for uninterrupted service, only requiring stoppage for occasional replacement of wear parts. Worn aprons and chains can be accessed from the take-up end of the feeder for easy replacement. The sprocket wheels have bolted-on tooth segments which can be interchanged or replaced.

The impact rollers used in the cement application Apron Feeders are lifetime lubricated for easy maintenance and reduced friction and power consumption, while the chain rollers are lubricated manually with a grease gun to ensure perfect lubrication from the inside of each chain link. The chains and rollers on our mining application Apron Feeders are also lifetime lubricated, reducing your maintenance burdens.

The resulting Apron Feeder solution offers better throughput, higher production, lower maintenance, longer life, reduced operational costs and greater profits.

A long-lasting Apron Feeder for carrying cement and mining materials

Heavy-duty design and components with hydraulic take-up system

A hydraulic take-up system exists in both Apron Feeder designs for cement and mining applications. The system maintains constant tension of the chains that support the turning of the rollers. The system compensates for the polygon effect and effectively protects the chain, bearings and other components. 

The Apron Feeder for cement processing features heavy-duty roller supports throughout the full length of the feeder and a double set of rollers in the impact area, strengthening its ability to handle the enduring process. The Apron Feeder for mining showcases cast manganese steel aprons, SALT chain components and forged alloy steel main shafts. The impact loads are absorbed by a natural material bed on top of the feeder, and in combination with heavy duty impact beams in the feeding area, the Apron Feeder is designed to handle the toughest operational conditions.

Lifetime lubricated impact rollers for cement operations
The completely automated lubrication system ensures longevity of bearings for the impact rollers on cement application Apron Feeders. This keeps maintenance and spare parts replacement costs low while also reducing energy consumption.
Raw material blending system for your cement needs
For cement applications, two Apron Feeders can be combined to form a raw material blending system. This option combines comminution and blending in one installation, saving you the hassle of having two different types of equipment, and space as well.
Delivery tailored to your requirements and mining site conditions
Depending on the size of your chosen Apron Feeder, it can be delivered to your mining site in pre-assembled major components or as a single unit.
Mining application offers tractor type SALT chain
For mining applications, tough components including tractor-type sealed and lubricated (SALT) chains, cast manganese steel aprons and forged alloy steel main shafts ensure longevity.

Move abrasive materials with our Apron Feeder for cement or mining

State-of-the-art design choices combined with decades of know-how brings you our reliable Apron Feeder, offering high operational availability. We ensure the safety of your process operators through an integrated guarding, infinitely adjustable feed rate and emergency stop systems.

Drive system choices offer flexibility

Several different types of drive systems are available depending on your application, preference and cost. All Apron Feeders include an electric motor, a reduction mechanism and often a speed adjusting device. The feeder is driven by a conventional frequency-controlled electric motor and a planetary reducer, or by a hydraulic drive. The robust hydraulic drive showcases variable speed functionality and the ability to provide full starting torque for an unlimited time. These hydraulic drives have a unique capacity to handle the starts, stops and heavy shock loads common to feeder operation.

For the cement industry

Durable design protects against intense processing

The Apron Feeder’s durable components have been carefully selected to provide a solution that lasts. Designed to deal with the toughest loads of sharp, heavy and oversized raw materials, our Apron Feeder for cement applications has a heavy-duty roller to support the full length of the feeder. Further, a double set of rollers are placed in the impact area. 

Upgrade to maintenance-free impact rollers

Designed to improve the overall performance of your Apron Feeder for cement application, these impact rollers are easy to install and help:

  • Prolong the lifetime of bearings and rollers,
  • Improve Apron Feeder reliability,
  • Reduce maintenance downtime,
  • Eliminate the need for lubrication,
  • Reduce the wear of lamellas.

With integrated bearings and tight sealing, the design ensures high performance even in dusty environments. The concentration of rollers can be optimised to cater for the load in the particular area of the feeder. The roller support system is equipped with pre-greased roller bearings, labyrinth shaft seals and a steel dust cover on both sides. Not only does pre-greasing prolong the lifetime of the bearings but it also removes the need for an external lubrication system or additional piping.


For the mining industry

Protection for longer life

For mining applications, the forged main shaft with integrated hubs protect the drive chains against the misalignment of friction hubs and sprockets, ensuring longer life and requiring less maintenance. We have used tractor-type sealed and lubricated (SALT) chain and roller components, cast manganese steel aprons, and forged alloy steel main shafts to withstand heaviest applications in mining industry.



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