Key Benefits

  • Reduced maintenance expenses
  • Premium customer support
  • Improved throughput

Enhance your Symons® or Gyradisc® crusher performance

Don’t accept spare parts that only work as well as your compression crusher’s original components. Our re-engineered parts will make your crusher better than new.

When it comes to selecting spare parts, you want a solution that’s been tried and tested. We have been designing and manufacturing replacement parts for Symons® and Gyradisc® compression crushers for nearly 70 years. Our focus is always on improving components to make your crusher more efficient, increase its capacity and decrease the risk to operators during maintenance.


We offer a wide range of components for Symons® and Gyradisc® compression crushers. The images below represent a few of the parts and assemblies that we sell. Contact us if the part you are looking for isn’t listed.


Improved results


We are confident that our spare and replacement parts will get better results because our team of engineers has found ways to improve the design of components where they can. We focus on the typical causes of failure for each part to develop replacements that will hold up longer and function better.


Throughout our development and testing process, we keep in mind that the quality parts must fit in your Symons® or Gyradisc® crusher without any modifications. During your next scheduled part replacement, your maintenance operators can install our components without any additional steps or training. Experience the difference that it makes to have parts that outlast and outperform the original design.

Durability and affordability, backed by premium support

Our Symons and Gyradisc Crusher spare parts are designed to not only get your equipment back up and running, but to also improve your business. These highly durable parts last longer, cut down on maintenance time and improve throughput. And because they’re backed by exceptional customer service, you’ll always have the right resources to ensure the best parts solutions for your crushers.

Reduced maintenance expenses

Our durable and reliable spare parts last longer, provide more uptime between maintenance and repairs giving our customers increased production and less downtime.


Dedicated customer support

Keeping your operation running is important to us. That’s why customer support is key. Our customer support department will help you find part numbers, check inventory, or to simply answer your technical questions.

Improved throughput

When your machines are supported by quality parts, they can operate more effectively and efficiently. Our Symons and Gyradisc spare spare parts help improve throughput and grow your bottom line. 

Spare parts for a range of Symons and Gyradisc Compression Crushers

Symons and Gyradisc Compression Crushers are designed to keep your business successful; we’re here to help keep your equipment operating effectively. Designed by industry experts, our compression crusher spare parts product offering gives you a full selection of replacement options.

Our product offering includes:




2FT • 3FT • 4FT • 4800™ • 4¼ FT • 5100™ • 5½ FT • 7FT • STANDARD and SHORT HEAD





Gyradisc Cone Crushers: 36″ • 48″ • 54″ • 66″ • 84″

EXCEL spare parts for Symons/Gyradisc Cone Crushers 
  • Adjustment ring
  • Arm guard
  • Bowl
  • Countershaft
  • Countershaft box, bushing and pinion
  • Eccentric and eccentric gear
  • Feed distributor and plate
  • Head and head wiper ring
  • Hydraulic locking post
  • Inner eccentric bushings
  • Inner main frame seat liners
  • Locking collar, nut and nut cover
  • Main frame
  • Main shaft
  • Main shaft nut and sleeve
  • Oil flinger and oil flinger housing
  • Outer eccentric bushings
  • Outer main frame seat liners
  • Socket
  • Socket liner and sealing ring
  • Spring
  • Step plates
  • Thrust washer
  • Torch ring

Technological expertise

Crusher equipment can be complex. It’s nice to have experts standing by ready to assist you. Our experts know crusher technology inside and out. Here are some of our innovations that help make these crushers even better:

Sentinel™ Hydraulic Crusher clearing system

Reduce downtime and improve the flexibility, capacity and safety of your Symons crusher with the Sentinel hydraulic crusher clearing and tramp release system, exclusively from EXCEL.


Manual cavity clearing can take up to five hours and is very dangerous. Automated cavity clearing, on the other hand, is completely safe and has you back in operation in less than 15 minutes! Keep your employees safer, and your operation more profitable!


Product highlights

  • Simplifies crusher cavity clearing
  • Drastically reduces costly downtime
  • Reduces “ring-bounce” and cuts down on related maintenance/repair costs
  • Requires little or no modification to your existing Symons frame
  • Maximises tonnage – adjust the crusher to a smaller setting without risk of stalling


Hydraulic power unit

The Sentinel’s hydraulic power unit (HPU) offers constant monitoring of hydraulic pressures, temperature and filter conditions. Indicator and warning lights advise the operator of reservoir oil level, oil temperature, oil pressure in the tramp and lock post hydraulic circuits and filter status.


The sentinel advanced hydraulic system also offers options for remote bowl adjustment that allows for quick changes to the closed-side setting (CSS) and simplifies the process of turning the bowl for liner changes.

Socket and head sealing ring templates for Symons Cone Crushers

Checking your head sealing ring and socket sealing ring at each liner change (or at least once a year if liner life exceeds twelve months) ensures that the socket sealing ring is not changed more or less frequently than necessary. This check will also give advanced warning of head sealing ring and/or spherical bearing seats which need to be rebuilt or replaced. Proper maintenance of these two areas will reduce oil contamination and thereby increase the life of the spherical bearing seat (head ball) and all internal parts of the crusher.


Advance warning

The head ball and sealing ring templates are positioned on the main shaft to check the contour of those areas. Monitoring the contour and position of the spherical bearing seat provide advance warning of the need to rebuild (to re-establish both proper running clearance between the main shaft and inner eccentric bushing and proper contact).


Quick check

3/16” gap between the template and the part indicates a condition that needs attention. In some cases, such as an out of contour condition on the spherical bearing seat, a much smaller gap can be a problem.


New & exclusive

Our socket sealing ring template is an exclusive new innovation. It is positioned against the bore of the socket sealing ring and checks the contour of the sealing surfaces and their relationship to each other.

Tune-up kit for Symons Cone Crushers

Get the most from your Symons Cone Crusher with our exclusive pre-packaged tune-up kits. They are specially packaged for extended shelf life, and ready to use at a moment’s notice.


Product highlights

  • Savings & convenience for all Symons Cone Crushers
  • Vacuum-heat packaged on oil-impregnated boards
  • Long shelf-life without oxidation or dust contamination
  • Reduced potential for misplaced parts
  • Easily cut loose only the parts needed at a given moment, leaving the other parts identified, sealed, protected and easily locatable when required
Lock posts for Symons Cone Crushers
  • Completely sealed top: Prevents dust and water from entering the cylinder and damaging the seals and all critical components. Also helps increase reliability and durability of the design.
  • Large wear band in the piston and the gland: Prevents side loading from damaging the cylinder ID and the outer rod, extending the life of the seals and all critical parts.
  • 100% interchangeable with OEM design: No additional fittings or hoses required
  • Available for Symons crushers: We stock hydraulic lock posts for Symons 4 1/4, 5 1/2 and 7 for both standard and short head designs
  • Clamping cylinders for HP® and Omnicone®: We also stock clamping cylinders for the HP and Omnicone series of crushers. Call your sales representative or inside sales support person for details.
Feed distributor and main shaft extension options for Symons Cone Crushers

Feeding a crusher with the best possible distribution is the first step to maximum crusher production. Incorrect feed arrangements cause higher power consumption (higher bearing loads), lower throughput, higher manganese wear, lower reduction, poorer product shape and higher costs. Every application has its own unique requirements, and we've developed feed distributor options and main shaft extension kits in order to improve your productivity and reduce your costs.

Although larger feed plates typically do a better job of evenly distributing the feed with minimum segregation, smaller feed plates and spherical nuts allow a more open view of the feed zone, which better facilitates monitoring via camera, laser, etc. Smaller feed plates and spherical nuts also reduce the damaging effects of feed that falls long distances (five feet or more) crashing onto the outer edge of the feed plate. Plus, these smaller components can make clearing out a jammed crusher much easier and safer.



More than a low-cost alternative


While slightly lower in cost than the conventional assembly design, our feed distributor options offer significant advantages:

  • They open up the feed hopper and feed cone area in order to create a clear view for a camera or other modern sensor system used to monitor the feed rate
  • They facilitate easier and safer clearing of a jammed crusher 


In most cases, the feed plate used is an existing dead-bed design common to standard crushers. These deadbed designs usually last longer than the conventional flat design for short head crushers.

Main shaft extension conversion component for Symons Short Head Cone Crushers

We’ve created a short head cone crusher for both Symons® 4, 4¼’ and 5½’ Short Head Crushers. The advantage of the main shaft extension combined with a main shaft nut arrangement facilitates a faster, easier and safer removal of old liners. The addition of a torch ring makes this safety and convenience possible.

Operators spend a great deal of time welding a lug onto the old locking nut, only to pound on it for hours to remove it! Occasionally the mantle is even “rolled over,” making it nearly impossible to remove the locking nut without torch cutting or carbon arcing. Unfortunately, torching exposes personnel in the vicinity to the dangerous fumes of burning manganese, epoxy crusher backing material and zinc.

Our torch ring is made of low carbon steel and is small in diameter. In our design, the torch ring is located well above the backing cavity and manganese mantle. While burning the torch ring is not completely risk free, this torch ring can be cut more quickly and safely than most conventional methods.

For special applications, a spherical main shaft nut can be utilised on short head crushers with this arrangement.

Please note that converting to the main shaft extension arrangement requires the crusher countershaft to be run in a counterclockwise rotation, which is opposite of how most locking collar/locking nut arrangements are run. For crushers with integral oil pumps, this requires the inlet and outlet on the pump to be reversed. For crushers with independent oil pumps, no changes other than reversing the crusher rotation are required.

Eye bolts for Symons Cone Crushers

A safer lifting ring for Symons 7FT head assemblies


Our eye bolt is specifically engineered for the Symons 7FT. Manufactured using swivel hoist rings, the new eye bolts are certified to handle the special loads of a head and shaft as they are maneuvered for maintenance procedures.



  • Certified load rating
  • 5 to 1 safety factor for designed loads
  • Swivel hoist ring

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