Key Benefits

  • High throughput crushing
  • Consistent product size
  • Robust design
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for soft and medium-hard mineral materials

Primary crushing in soft and medium-hard rock applications

Are you seeking a primary crusher with the versatility to crush soft and medium-hard rock? Or perhaps you need a solution that offers greater throughputs? Or is it reliability and reduced downtime you’re looking for? In all cases, the answer is the Double Roller Crusher.

Our Double Roll Crushers are heavy-duty – promising less wear and tear, less downtime and less disruption to your process. The robust design doesn’t impede the capabilities of this roll crusher, which is capable of meeting the high capacities demanded by the mining industry.  


It’s all about consistent, high-performance crushing with this machine, which is ideally suited to both soft and medium-hard rock primary crushing. It is engineered for maximum performance with minimal downtime, so that you can optimise the efficiency of your primary crushing operation.  

Which applications are Double Roll Crushers suited to? 

Double Roll Crushers are typically used for medium to hard mineral materials, such as limestone, clay, iron ore, coal, and others. They can also be used for secondary crushing of soft to medium-hard rocks. Thanks to their capability to achieve high reduction ratios, low energy consumption, and low wear, in addition to their simple structure, Double Roller Crushers are a popular choice in the mining industry 
Double Roll Crushers crushing

Engineered for maximum efficiency

The Double Roll Crusher’s hydraulic gap adjustment ensures consistently high performance with minimum disruption.

High throughput crushing & high efficiency
DRS are capable of handling high throughputs, making them ideal for use in the mining industry. FLSmidth Double Roll Crushers have reached production capacities up to 14,000 tph.
Consistent product size
The hydraulic gap adjustment mechanism allows for consistent product size even as the roll liners wear, resulting in a more efficient and consistent crushing process.
Robust design
The heavy-duty construction makes these crushers capable of handling tough mining conditions.
Low maintenance
The simple design of double roll crushers makes them easy to maintain and repair. The hydraulic gap adjustment allows for quick and easy release in the event of an overload or tramp metal incident, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity.
Suitable for soft and medium-hard mineral materials
Double roll crushers can be used in a variety of industries, for primary and secondary crushing of materials like limestone, clay, iron ore, coal, and others.

Strong, Stronger, Double Roll Crusher DRC

The FLSmidth Double Roll Crusher DRC withstands the toughest mining conditions while delivering consistent, high-performance crushing thanks to its working principle and several key features.

In the DRC the feed material is fed by a continuous feed arrangement into the middle of the machine between both rolls. The rolls are operating with 5 m/s or more and shear and compression forces crush the material between the roll in the gap. The crushed material is released through the crusher base frame onto a discharge conveyor. The floating roll enables the crusher to release tramp metal and adjust the gap by the hydraulic supported gap setting system. 

Adjustment of the gap 


The hydraulic system allows one roll to react to overload incidents by retracting and letting tramp metal or overloading material pass through the gap. Unlike with Roll Sizers, DRS therefore have less need for personnel entering the crushing chamber. This way the Double Roll Crusher ensures the safety of service personnel. Furthermore, the mechanism significantly helps with reducing downtimes.


High Versatility  


The Double Roll Crusher crushes a wide range of material types reaching compressive strengths of up to 150 MPa and even above. It is less sensitive to wet and sticky material than Roll Sizers and can take in larger feed sizes making it the optimal primary crusher for soft and medium hard rocks.   

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