Streamline your material handling with our conveying systems

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Our mechanical and pneumatic conveyors keep you moving forward

As specialists in the design and supply of bulk material handling systems for heavy industrial and mining facilities, we use our expertise to make it easier for you to transport materials. We recognise that high-performance conveying systems are about more than simply moving materials from point A to point B – you have many aspects to consider when choosing conveying equipment for your plant.


Backed by a strong history 

With a strong credentials developing and manufacturing conveying system equipment, FLSmidth brings decades of experience and expertise to our range of mechanical and pneumatic conveyors. As our long-standing, satisfied customers can attest, our extensive product range of conveying systems has a track record of reliability, safety and productivity.


Have it your way 

With a large portfolio of products and technical services for conveying and processing a wide variety of raw materials and plant products, we provide equipment of all types and for all purposes.


From the capacity to transport diverse sizes of materials to their low or negligible maintenance requirements, our range of mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems have features that suit your unique needs. Our conveying systems let you prioritise the elements that give you the highest value – enhancing the productivity of your processes and allowing you to capitalise on your investment.

Conveying systems designed for many applications 

We have the deep understanding of processes and equipment necessary to guarantee success with conveying materials in a large range of applications. Our pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems are widely used for mining applications, such as copper, gold and iron ore, and for cement production, including alternative fuels. Industries such as lime and gypsum, also make good use of our conveying systems, as do power and processing plants and port systems.


Industry-specific expertise allows us to not only design new systems from scratch, but also to help you with expansions, optimisations and modernisations of your existing conveying systems. Our highly competent engineers are behind the well-though-out design, production and installation of our complete mechanical and pneumatic conveyors – delivering real-world knowledge and experience that gives you confidence in your conveying systems.


Realise the benefits 

With reliable long-term function and low operating expenditure costs, our conveyors give you adept performance that doesn’t come at the expense of fuel efficiency. Our conveying systems deliver cost-savings with low power consumption and further your ability to realise reduce energy needs through their potential to run only during predetermined demand conditions. Based on your needs, we offer heavy-duty designs or lighter-weight models for your special applications.


The design simplicity of our mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems gives you simplified servicing. Ease of maintenance is further heightened by the high-quality, well-manufactured components that go into all FLSmidth equipment.


The durable construction, smooth operations and high-quality manufacturing of our conveying systems translate to a long lifespan – reducing your operating costs over the life of your project.


Conveyors are just the beginning 

In addition to our extensive experience with conveying systems, our comprehensive range of products and services includes state-of-the-art automation and digital solutions. We help you meet or exceed environmental requirements, improve safety and maximise productivity.


Whether your plant is in the early stages of production, into adolescence or fully mature, our unparalleled expertise and diverse selection of mechanical and pneumatic conveying equipment bring value and reliability to your plant.

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