Discover sustainable solutions to increase your performance

Urbanisation and continuous economic growth across the globe create a steady need for homes, office buildings, roads and ports - all driving the demand for cement despite its energy intensive process

For new cement plants, our process expertise and product portfolio deliver plants with the minimum environmental footprint. And what is good for the environment can also be good for profitability, as energy efficiency coincides with minimising the cost of fuel and power.

A plant or a piece test

Whether you are looking for an entire cement plant or a single piece of equipment, we are the premium supplier.


For new plants, we cover everything from evaluating initial quarry samples through to ongoing operation and maintenance services. We even have partnerships with financial institutions across the world to help ease the financing of your project. With a full flowsheet of state-of-the-art products and the process expertise to optimise the overall production, we deliver the world’s most efficient plants.


If you are looking to boost efficiency at your existing plant, we can help you discover the optimum solution to match you needs. Are you facing challenges finding qualified staff to operate and maintain your plant? Or, perhaps it seems as if every shut-down includes some unforeseen issue that wreaks havoc on your planning?? We can help. After more than 135 years of building and commissioning plants all over the world, we have the expertise to identify the improvements or services that will result in the best overall return.


As your equipment supplier, we also know the specific demands of your process and the spare parts and wear items required to reduce your downtime and maximise productivity. Take advantage of our long experience in specifying, manufacturing and quality parts. Our global supply chain means that you get the right part at a competitive price, but most importantly, on time.


Avoid downtime with our digital solutions

Since our founder in 1882 discovered the technology behind the horizontal kiln, innovation has been at the core of our company. Today, we continue to use our curiosity and innovative approach to discover new ways to optimise equipment and processes. We are especially active in bringing the advantages of digitalisation to the cement industry.


Our experience in automating cement plants has given us a head start on harnessing the potential of digital technologies. Using IoT (Internet of Things) we make our product portfolio smart and self-learning, and with the equipment connected to the internet you can monitor it remotely or leave the monitoring to one of our service centres.


Gathering performance data from cement plants all over the world gives us the opportunity to adjust the settings for optimal performance at your plant. The data also makes it possible to predict when it is time for maintenance of your equipment. Predictive and prescriptive maintenance help you avoid unscheduled downtime and increase productivity at your plant.

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