Key Benefits

  • Extensive reliability 
  • Improved service life 
  • Effective safety features

Low maintenance, high durability Gear Drive Rotary Kiln

Built for unrivaled durability and dependability across the full range of operating conditions, our Gear Drive Rotary Kiln helps ensure the rotation of the kiln — promoting optimal material flow in all circumstances.

The Gear Drive Rotary Kiln features advanced technology. Controlled by a variable frequency drive, the rotary kiln always operates at the optimal speed for the materials and situation. Additionally, limit switches on the maintenance brake make sure the brake is disengaged when the motor is operating.

The Gear Drive Rotary Kiln can be used by any operation that requires a pyro processing rotary kiln, and functions well with any process. It is required over a friction drive kiln for any kiln with 3 or more supports.

Expect more from your kiln solution, with a reliable, durable, low-maintenance Gear Drive Rotary Kiln from FLSmidth.  

Reliable, durable Gear Drive Rotary Kilns for a range of applications

Extensive reliability
The Gear Drive Rotary Kiln offers extensive reliability over a wide range of process operating conditions 
Improved service life
The Gear Drive Rotary Kiln is built for a service life of 25 years or more. 
Effective safety features
With a maintenance brake, an emergency auxiliary drive and a secondary backup power source, the Gear Drive Rotary Kiln is designed to protect your equipment, your product and — most importantly — your people. 

Gear Drive Rotary Kiln: Technology to Match Your Business

The mechanical gear drive rotates the rotary kiln at the optimal speed required by the process. To ensure the best possible operation, the Gear Drive Rotary Kiln includes the following features:


  • A heavy-duty girth gear mounted by spring mounts.
  • A driving pinion usually mounted on pillow block spherical roller bearings.
  • A main parallel shaft gearbox to reduce the motor speed down to required operating speed for the pyro process.
  • An auxiliary drive to rotate the kiln in emergency or shutdown conditions. 



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