Key Benefits

  • Custom-tailored configuration
  • Easy maintenance
  • Withstanding maximum loads
  • Simple and safe design

Ropes might fail, our Mine Catch Gear does not!

Our headgear equipment is the go-to solution to catch and hold a conveyance in the headframe should overwinds occur, and ropes fail. We offer protection that is tailored to your needs and therefore offers maximum protection and minimal maintenance.

We offer you mine shaft conveyance safety equipment that is custom-tailored for every conveyance application, so you can always be sure to have the best solution available. 

What unites all configurations is their optimised construction, that consists of a minimum number of components and which is carefully designed giving consideration to fallback requirements to minimise impact loading. Our Mine Headframe Catch Gear also uses modern Finite Element Analysis that guarantees you, the mechanism is capable of withstanding maximum loads realised in the event of an overwind condition 

Along with maximum safety, you also benefit from minimal maintenance thanks to the simplistic design and single-point grease manifolds.

Catch Gear (2)
Maintenance-friendly FLS Conveyance Catch Gear

The minimum maintenance, maximum load Catch Gear

Catch Gear is designed to stop and hold a conveyance in the event that the crash beam is impacted resulting in hoist rope breakage. Our headgear equipment does exactly this - and thanks to its design, it does so in a way that is more reliable and safer than ever before!

Custom-tailored configuration
Decades-long industry experience has been incorporated into the design of our Mine Headframe Catch Gear. Combined with the latest technology and safety standards, we are able to provide you with a state-of-the-art solution that is tailored to your demands and conditions with the aim to offer you the highest reliability and safest solution possible for your conveyance application.
Easy maintenance
Our Catch Gear assemblies feature a minimum number of components that are extra maintenance-friendly due to single-point grease manifolds.
Withstanding maximum loads
Thanks to its robust steel construction and heavy-duty pawls, the FLS mine shaft conveyance safety equipment is capable of withstanding maximum loads during overwind condition events.
Simple and safe design
The Catch Gear features a simple design that makes no compromises on safety.
Operating options
Catch Gear pawls can be retracted either manually or pneumatically for testing and for releasing the conveyance if an overwind happens. This enables full operation even if access may be poor.

Your custom-tailored headgear equipment!

With continuous developments and modern Finite Element Analysis, we’ve been able to make our Catch Gear particularly resistant and durable.

Each of our Catch Gear assemblies is comprised of a pawl box with specially designed pawls, providing rapid recovery after retraction. The pawls retract away freely from an ascending conveyance in the event of overwind, and engage with a catch plate rack mounted to (or integral to) the conveyance or counterweight on descent. For this, we offer manual, pneumatic, or hydraulic pawl retraction options.

In addition, our headframe equipment offers you several other features that make your working environment safer:

  • Simple grease maintenance
  • Can be checked manually (locally) or automatically (remotely) on routine shift checks
  • Heavy-duty gas-charged buffers
  • Spring-loaded pawls for rapid extension
  • Single or double-row depending on duty
  • Robust steel construction and heavy-duty pawls

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