Key Benefits

  • Updated, maintenance-friendly features
  • Customer influenced engineered design
  • Heavy duty, high-powered motor
  • Modern design control systems

Enjoy high power, safety and usability, with the Gyratory Crusher NT

Effective crushing demands reliable, high-quality equipment. And, because your business is made up of more than just machines, safety and usability should always be top priority. Don’t trust your people or your equipment to just any solution; choose a solution built on experience.

The TC Gyratory Crusher model gave Fuller Traylor Engineering a reputation throughout the worldwide mining industry as a provider of reliable, high quality equipment. After acquiring Fuller Company, FLSmidth has taken this original TC design and expanded on it to develop the NT line.


Safely accomplish more during shutdowns while increasing operational availability. The Gyratory Crusher “NT” incorporates all of the TC’s heavy-duty design features (Heavy Cast-Steel Shell Sections, Forged Main Shaft and Countershaft, Robust Gearing, Generous Lubrication, Long-Life Bronze Components) and focuses on coupling these historical characteristics with updated maintenance-friendly features. 


And because your needs are as unique as your business, FLSmidth offers custom-engineered solutions as an answer to our customers’ unique requests. That means that you can receive custom-engineered equipment, accessories and solutions, to suit whatever your specific needs are. 


Enjoy higher power motor and matching drivetrain without having to move into a larger size crusher. Numerous Hard-Rock applications that require oversized motors prompted FLSmidth to develop its Ultra-Duty line.


Improve the operational efficiency and scheduled maintenance practices of your Gyratory Crusher.

FLSmidth also offers Engineering & Maintenance Services, Custom Designs and Parts Options, including, but not limited to:

  • Specialty Tools
  • Concave Installation & Removal Tool
  • Main Shaft Servicing Stand
  • Dump Pocket Access Tools
  • Crusher Maintenance Carts
  • Operations and Maintenance Services
  • Installation Services
  • Equipment & Maintenance Seminars
  • OEM Spare/Emergency Parts
  • Automation Packages
  • Laboratory Testing Services
  • Entire Plant Systems
  • Process Optimization

High power, reliability and easy maintenance: The Gyratory Crusher NT

Updated, maintenance-friendly features
Safely accomplish more during shutdowns and increase reliability and operational availability.
Customer influenced engineered design
Enjoy a crushing solution built on industry experience. All equipment, accessories and solutions can all be custom engineered to your specific needs, creating a reliable option for your needs.
Heavy duty, high-powered motor

Increased output without increased size. Get a higher power motor and matching drivetrain without having to move into a larger size crusher.

Tackle the toughest crushing tasks with a quality Gyratory Crusher NT

Our focus is on continually improving the design of our equipment to better serve you, our customers. This ongoing improvement has taken us from the original Bulldog Crushers through the world renowned “TC” model Crushers, to the “NT” line with updated maintenance-friendly features. Those include:

Bar Type Spider 
Requires smaller lay-down areas and less maintenance time than conventional ring spiders.

Countershaft Bearings
The preloaded self-adjusting tapered roller bearings automatically adjust to temperature fluctuations and wear, requiring minimal maintenance.

Main Shaft Assembly
The Main Shaft Assembly is designed with a threaded sleeve to remove stress risers from the forged shaft and self-tightening head nut to assure security.

Hydraulic Adjustment & Accumulator with Relief Valve
Adjusts shaft position, absorbs crushing spikes and relieves pressure during extreme tramp events to extend component life.

Forged alloy gears and carburised pinions are engineered to prevent catastrophic tooth failure and ensure long service life. They are designed to AGMA standards with robust safety factors and high quality materials.

All bushings are designed keyless and manufactured from leaded bronze for long life.

High Capacity Lubrication
The risk of burned bushings is minimal during demanding crushing operations because of large capacity reservoirs and high oil flow rates to Eccentric and Shaft bushings.

Crushing Chamber
Chamber geometry is optimised for each application to ensure even wear and high throughput.

Drive Protection Coupling
Torque Safety Coupling reduces shock loading of drive components during tramp events. The torque coupling makes it safer for personnel to remove tramp from the chamber since it relieves all preload in the drive system.

Automation System
All Gyratory Crushers are available with complete control and sub-control systems.

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