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Fast, safe and accurate sampling, sample preparation and analysis every time

FLSmidth is renowned for our experience in sampling, laboratory and quality control solutions and products, across both cement and mining.

We have got every part of the process covered – from high-tonnage sampling for bulk commodity trading, to controlling raw material proportioning to maximise cement quality, to ensuring safe, fast and accurate laboratory analysis.

Across the globe, 150+ automated laboratory systems, 200+ automated sample transport systems, and 700+ advanced quality control applications are currently installed. We are proudly the market leaders.

Millions of exploration and grade-control samples are prepared in our laboratory crushers and pulverisers every year.

800 million tonnes of iron ore is shipped from Australian ports annually, representing 50 per cent of the global export market. The vast majority of this ore is sampled by our Essa® mechanical samplers.

Acquiring trusted equipment brands such as Essa, PERI, Autec and Pfaff has deepened our sampling, preparation and analysis experience and capabilities.

World-leading sampling and preparation equipment

We have combined our process knowledge with Essa Australia’s expertise to design and manufacture world-leading sampling and sample preparation equipment under the Essa brand.

Under the PERI brand we invest in the development and design of online slurry x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis systems that add value to process control processes.

Autec has been absorbed into our business but their industry-leading position has been preserved. We now supply automation solutions for quality and process control, specialising in automatic analysers, powder and clinker sampling, sample handling and laboratory automation.

We have assumed responsibility for designing and manufacturing Pfaff’s wide range of products for every stage of the sample processing chain in cement and metals sectors.

These brands were handpicked because they complement our strong process knowledge and capability to develop automated process and quality control software. We now have even stronger ability to provide intelligent sampling systems.

Sampling for the minerals industries

Thanks to our process knowledge and engineering experience, we produce the most reliable and accurate solids and slurry sampling equipment available. When integrated with our mineral processing and handling systems, quality control and productivity is taken to a new level of excellence.


We understand the theory of sampling, and the rules of correct and representative sampling practices. Our deep knowledge of processes and our industry-specific experience ultimately means practical, efficient and cost-effective sampling solutions as we pass on the benefits to you.


All equipment is engineered and manufactured to international standards and protocols. It is suited to sampling ores, coal, particulate solids, slurries and other free flowing materials. Applications include: exploration, at the mine, process plant, laboratory, stockpile and during shipment loading and unloading.


Laboratory equipment for exploration and mining operations

For over 30 years, we have led the way in engineering laboratory sample preparation equipment. We pioneered the development of large-capacity pulverising systems using our unique bowl and disc grinding elements. Today our drying ovens, crushers and pulverising mills are used extensively on mine sites, exploration camps and in commercial assay and research laboratories around the world.


We offer a total package of sample preparation and metallurgical testing solutions that cater to a full spectrum of requirements. This includes total lifecycle support through the delivery of spare and wear parts and consumables.


Online analysis for mineral processing

For many years, PERI has focused on the development and design of online slurry XRF analysis systems. Our PERI slurry XRF analyser uses the latest in x-ray technology to provide a flexible analyser system with minimal maintenance requirements.


Automated sampling and sample preparation for cement plants

Our sampling, sample transport and laboratory equipment supports you to better control your cement plant production systems. This achieves fast, accurate and reliable laboratory results, resulting in improved quality, productivity and safety.


Solutions can be scaled to suit your needs – from standalone to fully-automated cement laboratory preparation.


Advanced quality control solutions for cement production

Higher profitability, increased efficiencies and production stability are the results of our advanced quality control systems. They ensure that cement plants deliver superior, steadier cement quality, with cost-efficient additive control and reduced fuel consumption. They also eliminate the need for specific sampling and analysis of raw materials into feeders.

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