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Make the most of your sample

Low grade deposits and the increasing cost of mining and processing are dampening profitability across the mining industry. But could you be making more of your mineral deposits? 

Representative sampling and accurate analysis provide the data you need to optimise all aspects of your exploration and mining processes, giving you:


  • Greater control over the life of your mine
  • A sound basis for making process decisions
  • A better-quality product – and the proof to back it up
  • Improved profitability and process efficiency

With world-renowned brands such as IMP, Essa® and PERI™, complementing FLSmidth’s advanced capabilities and extensive experience, we have every step of the process covered, from prospect to product.

Prospect. Insights in to where to mine.

From mineral exploration to mine development, good samples, properly prepared and precisely analysed, will help determine where and how to mine to get the most from your deposit.


  • Exploration
  • Ore reserve and resource estimation
  • Mine development

Using data to guide exploration

When it comes to defining investment viability, the laboratory plays a key role. Obtaining the right samples and making sure they are properly prepared and accurately analysed – these are all critical steps in determining whether or not this multi-million-dollar investment goes ahead.

With such high stakes, you need reliable sample preparation and analysis equipment from a supplier who understands the challenges in the field. This is the basis for the design of our solutions, which include:


  • Sample preparation
  • Analysis
  • Data collection and management
  • Mobile laboratories
  • Laboratory audits

Process. Improve your control.

Regular sampling and analysis helps you adjust your process for optimum product quality. From the mine to the stockpile and beyond.

  • Grade control
  • Process and quality control
  • Material balancing

sampling, preparation and analysis

Continuous insights throughout your process

Consistent sampling and analysis throughout your mineral processing ensure you know exactly what you’re dealing with at all times and helps to avoid pitfalls such as:


  • Low product quality
  • Too high quality – using up the high-grade ore that should be used to extend the life of your mine
  • Process inefficiencies caused by unexpected material properties
  • Product forecasting problems
  • Ore being misclassified as waste

We use specially designed equipment based on accepted sampling practises to extract samples throughout the process, preferably at points where there is a falling stream of product . This way, samples can be extracted quickly and easily from the full width of the product stream using our linear or rotary samplers. Our solutions include:

  • Plant sampling
  • Sample transport
  • On/In-line analysis
  • Sample preparation
  • Sample analysis
  • Data collection and management
  • Automated and manual laboratories
  • Laboratory operation and maintenance

Product. Establish your worth.

Correct sampling and analysis of your product enables you to establish its worth, both as a seller and a buyer. Accuracy is the key to building customer trust.

  • Inventory control
  • Commercial transactions
  • Metallurgical accounting

Determining product value

At the final product stages, establishing product quality is key to determining worth and building customer trust. Representative sampling and accurate analysis is the best way to ensure that everyone is getting a fair deal. Designed to help overcome the challenges encountered every day at mining operations, our products and services include:


  • Plant, stockpile and transport loading sampling
  • Sample transport
  • Sample preparation
  • Analysis
  • Data collection and management
  • Inventory management
  • Sampling audits

High tonnage sampling is our speciality. Our robust, reliable samplers are designed to withstand the rigours of fast-moving, heavy and abrasive falling product. Sample collectors ensure samples are secure and contaminant-free for transport back to the laboratory, where you have the choice of mechanical or automated size reduction and sample division technologies.


We also offer audits of your sampling systems and philosophy to assist you with standards compliance and theory of sampling.

Put your ore in good hands… discover our capabilities

Trust us with your quality control requirements

We have the equipment and the expertise to deliver a solution that is tailored to your requirements. And having designed and supplied many of the world’s biggest laboratories, we have the experience to support your laboratory projects.


  • 90% world share of robotic mining laboratories
  • Largest robotic sample preparation and wet chemistry laboratory in the world for Freeport
  • Largest fully automated iron ore laboratory for BHP
  • Largest laboratory automation project in the world, sold to Anglo American. The size of a football pitch, it includes 14 robots
  • More than 825 million tonnes of iron ore, 50% of the global export market, is shipped from Australian ports every year. The vast majority of this ore will be sampled by Essa® mechanical samplers

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