Audits to unlock your plant’s potential

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Identify how your plant can be more profitable

Identifying constraints in your operation and finding potential areas of improvement are important to every business. Even an already highly successful plant can always further increase production or reduce energy consumption.


Improving productivity and securing operational runtime can be achieved in many ways. Even if you suspect that an upgrade is needed, you might be uncertain about where to focus your investment and how to take into account all the factors that impact your processes.


We offer audits that evaluate existing conditions and recommend actions to improve your business. We help you to assess and optimise your current equipment and identify areas that may require upgrades. Sometimes small adjustments of equipment or processes can deliver big benefits.


Choose a standard audit or an audit customised for your particular needs. Audits can survey your complete plant or focus on a specific, individual part of your process. 


Workflow you can rely on


For any type of audit, the process typically follows a consistent workflow:

  • Dialogue
  • Scope definition
  • Audit preparation
  • Onsite audit
  • Audit report
  • Follow-up dialogue

Benefits of an audit:

  • Identify and eliminate safety risks
  • Determine actions to avoid potential issues and downtime
  • Identify opportunities to increase process effectiveness
  • Increase and improve sustainable production
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Improve precision and product quality 

Choose from a range of cement plant audits, including:

  • Comprehensive plant performance audit – from quarry crusher to cement dispatch
  • Equipment condition and maintenance audit – mechanical, electrical and instrumentation
  • Special focused audits – fuel substitution, upgrades, emission control, and SNCR efficiency

Minerals testing 

Our metallurgical laboratories offer in-plant consultation services and plant auditing. Read more.

Thickener upgrade delivers fast ROI 

At one of Australia’s largest open-pit gold mines, performance issues with the leach feed thickener were identified. A mechanical audit ensured that the mechanism was suitable for an upgrade and a new feed system improved performance within days and delivered a return on investment within 6 months. Read more.

Optimising gold recovery

A comprehensive performance review at Carpentaria Gold in Australia focused on modernisation options to improve gold, water and cyanide recovery. The result was a new feed system that delivered many benefits including full plant availability and reduced maintenance costs. Read more.

Evolute™ feedwell upgrade: Carpentaria Gold tails thickener

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Thickener upgrade boosts performance

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