With our unique combination of technology, process knowledge and services, we help our customers in the cement and mining industries drive success through sustainable productivity. Our ability to take a life-cycle perspective, not only for the products we supply, but also for our customers’ plants and sites, enables us to provide industry-leading solutions with a low total cost of ownership and reduced environmental impact.

We meet our customers and their needs exactly where they are. Whether it’s specific equipment or an entire processing plant, we can deliver a tailored solution for our customers, making us a full service provider.

We primarily operate in the mining and cement industries, and though each is distinct, there are considerable commonalities and synergies between the two. Our involvement in both industries gives us the unique advantage of sharing resources and best practices.

Further, we deliver a variety of products, solutions and services to adjacent industries with similarities to cement and mining, like chemicals, food & pharmaceuticals, water treatment and power utilities.

The intersection of productivity and sustainability is where success lies today. We strive to enable our business partners and customers to generate profitable returns and value-creating growth, while always maintaining sustainability as a priority. 

Our vision is to drive success through sustainable productivity enhancement




Our values are the building blocks that inform our vision and how we conduct our business. In applying them, we strive to earn the trust of our shareholders, customers, business partners, co-workers, suppliers and the communities in which we live and work.


Innovation and sustainability

Climate change and resource scarcity are very real challenges that we face today. At FLSmidth we see these challenges as an opportunity for bettering our products and our customers’ operations. It is possible to improve the productivity and throughput of a cement or mining operation while also reducing the environmental footprint, saving precious water or optimizing ore-extraction.


However, the solutions do not come automatically. This is why we have set out to discover them. With our strong innovation culture and the new opportunities that come with the digital age, our highly skilled engineers continue to innovate and discover new solutions. With curiosity, know-how and new technology, we can ensure market-leading solutions that are second to none in regard to productivity, durability and reliability.

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