FLSmidth at a glance

A global company founded in Denmark
1882 The journey began

A diverse, global workforce 
~11k employees

Local presence, worldwide coverage
+60 offices around the world

Serving the mining and cement industries
+150 countries

Driving growth through financial performance
21.8 DKKbn Revenue in 2022

Aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative
2030 Carbon neutral operations

Global economic development and the green transition increase the demand for minerals and cement. Reducing the environmental impact from the production of these materials is an imperative. As a sustainability partner for our customers, we have a tremendous responsibility to drive progress.


Mining for a sustainable world 

Mining is crucial to the global energy transition. As the world moves towards net-zero emissions, we will see an extraordinary increase in the demand for electric vehicles and renewable power generation capacity. Similarly, demand for the key minerals needed for the green transition – copper, lithium, nickel cobalt and rare-earth minerals – will grow significantly in the next two decades. The industry has an obligation to look to the future in a sustainable manner.
demand for minerals from solar PV
Rapid deployment of solar PV will double the demand for minerals by 2040
demand for minerals from electric vehicles
Overall mineral demand from EVs and batteries will grow by a factor of 30 between 2020 and 2040, with demand for lithium growing by a factor of more than 40
demand for copper from electricity grids
More grid expansion will double the annual demand for copper by 2040

FLSmidth is a leading full-flowsheet technology supplier for copper, gold, nickel, zinc and lithium mining. Our products range from crushing, screening, conveying, separation, pumps and tailing to digital solutions for process performance. Our equipment is designed to provide up to decades of productive capacity.

Building on strong partnerships, we are focused on full lifecycle solutions that deliver on our sustainability commitments and improve our customers’ financial performance. 


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Driving the green transition in the cement industry

Cement is important to the world. Increasing urbanisation drives the need for new roads, hospitals, infrastructure and housing throughout the world.
of the global infrastructure needed in 2050 has not yet been built
of global CO₂ emissions come from cement production 
of the world’s leading cement and concrete manufacturers have committed to cut CO₂ emissions by 25% by 2030

The development in urban infrastructure is forcing the industry to transform the way cement is produced. Providing the technology for green cement, produced with a minimum of emissions, is the most important task for our cement business. As a leading sustainability partner for our cement customers, we are already deploying solutions that deliver significant emissions reductions, while investing in research and development to create the next phase of innovations in the cement flowsheet. 


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Our business 

FLSmidth operates primarily in the mining and cement industries and we pursue distinct, separate approaches to these two business areas. To ensure we deliver maximum value, we apply our expert know-how, innovative technology and tailored services to help our customers address their operational challenges.

We are also active in other industries with similar characteristics to cement and mining, where our premium technology and service offerings help customers achieve higher output, while reducing costs and the environmental footprint.

More than 140 years of extraordinary discoveries 

FLSmidth has a long, proud history dating back to 1882. Our founders pioneered innovative solutions that enabled customers to produce more with less and changed the rules for raw materials processing, shaping the world as we know it today. Continuing this heritage, we want to help our customers in mining and cement move towards zero emissions by 2030. And to succeed, our focus is clear: Using in-depth process expertise, digital solutions, innovative technology and strong partnerships, we are committed to building a sustainable future. 

Alongside internal development and growth, FLSmidth has evolved purposefully through the strategic acquisition of companies in the mining and cement arenas. The largest of these was completed in 2022, with the acquisition of thyssenkrupp’s mining business. This has solidified FLSmidth’s position as a leading technology and services provider for our customers in the global mining industry.


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