Combined, minerals and cement production accounts for approximately 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions. With growing populations, a larger middle class and a transition to greener energy, the demand for cement and minerals will only increase in the next decade.


A more sustainable future requires action from the industries. We will lead this action towards zero emissions in mining and cement, without compromising quality or our customers' commercial competitiveness.

The goals

Our ambitions moving forward


With MissionZero, we aim to deliver solutions that make it possible to operate zero-emissions mining operations and cement plants. Achieving the goals by 2030 requires a paradigm shift in collaboration, innovation and adoption of new technology in the industries.

Towards zero emissions in mining 

Zero water waste

Increase safety and cut risks and costs with sustainable water and tailings management. 

Zero emissions

Reduce emission from use of fossil fuels in transportation and minerals processing.

Zero energy Waste

Reduce energy costs and waste, especially from energy-intensive comminution.


Tailings management

Every mine site has unique considerations, whether it be high fresh water costs, permitting or stability issues.


Towards zero emissions in cement

Zero Emissions

Reduce carbon emissions from fuel burning and reduce process emissions related to clinker.

100% Fuel substitutions

Eliminate the need for fossil fuels and deliver solutions for 100% alternative fuel.

Zero Waste

Use waste as alternative fuel to make plants more sustainable and profitable.



A cost-effective, efficient in-line calciner that reduces NOx emissions.



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