The share capital is DKK 1,025m and the total number of issued shares is 51,250,000. Each share entitles the holder to 20 votes. No special rights are attached to any share and there are no restrictions on the transferability of the shares.


The FLSmidth & Co. A/S share is included in some 150 Danish, Nordic, European and global share indices.


The company had approximately 46,000 shareholders at the end of 2020. In addition, some 1,750 present and former employees hold shares in the company.


The FLSmidth & Co. A/S share has a free float of around 90%. Three shareholders had flagged major shareholdings in FLSmidth & Co. A/S at the end of 2019. Lundbeckfond Invest A/S' investment exceeded 10% in FLSmidth & Co. A/S at the end of 2020. As of end-2019, the investments of Novo Holding A/S and Bestinver Gestión S.A SGIIC both exceeded 5%, but in 2020 both of these investors reduced their positions to below 5%.



Shareholder structure 2020  
Foreign 43 %
Danish (private) 28 %
Non-registered 10 %
Danish (institutional)
7 %
Lundbeckfond Invest A/S 10 %
FLSmidth & Co. A/S
2 %

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