Our strategy is to strengthen our leading position as Productivity Provider #1 in the cement and mining industries. We do this through recognising and improving our competitive advantage and deliver superior products and solutions to our customers. With our unique combination of projects, products and services, we help our customers increase output and quality, reduce total cost of ownership and increase productivity.



What does productivity mean to us?

In today’s complex market, the core focus is to minimise use of resources, while optimising production and maximising return on investment. That’s exactly what we help our customers do. Productivity also means more business at less cost to the environment. That is why sustainability is part of our vision: We drive success through sustainable productivity enhancement.

Our competitive advantage

Three strategic pillars shape the core of our competitive advantage: Life-cycle approach, full service provider and full flow-sheet.

  • Life-cycle approach: By focusing on our customers’ total cost of ownership instead of just initial investment, we can maximize their productivity and ensure a high return on investment.
  • Full service provider: We supply everything from a single product to a full production line or operation solution. With our “Design-Build-Operate” model, we offer our customers to build, operate and guarantee an agreed level of production and performance.
  • Full flow-sheet: Over 135 years of experience combined with a focus on key products and innovations, allow us to offer a full flow-sheet to our customers. Through early and on-going dialogue between our talented employees and customers, we help them create the best conditions for their businesses. 

The four strategic focus areas

Our strategy has four key focus areas, which help us stay on track towards strengthening our position as Productivity Provider #1

Our strong customer partnerships are a result of mutual trust and shared values. We earn our customers' trust through local presence, a one-point-of-contact approach and reliable project follow-through. Our customers are our main partners, and we maintain close dialogue with them. 
Innovation and digitalization
Digitalization is one of the most effective ways to improve plant performance and lower the total cost of ownership. We take digitalization to the next level and deliver key automation technologies that form the basis for digital and data-driven decisions and productivity improvements. 
Our goal is to nurture and embrace innovative thinking, curiosity, and staying open to new opportunities. Only with a talented, dedicated and diverse work force can we achieve this. We are committed to creating a safe, flexible, and productive work environment that allows our employees to build an ambitious career, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
We develop eco-efficient products and solutions that help our customers lower their energy consumption and emissions, save precious water, increase their production and obtain permits for new plants. This helps to support sustainable development locally as well as globally.

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