We co-create

Customer intimacy is the core of our work ethic. The desire to understand and satisfy the needs of existing and potential customers is only possible because of the nature of the KREBS® team.


Most of our products and continuous improvements made were initiated from field experience. We actively review the performance in operation and make necessary modifications to ensure that our products have the lowest owning and operating costs in the industry.


KREBS® slurry pumps

The original millMAX pump revolutionised the slurry pump industry with the initial patented suction side anti-recirculation device. This feature gained rapid acceptance in the mining industry, enabling FLSmidth to expand the range of KREBS® pumps to what it is today.

The range now encompasses metal, rubber and urethane-lined pumps, including high head, high efficiency, high pressure, vertical cantilever and recessed impeller options.

The nature of slurry pumping requires excellent availability of spare parts. To provide the support our customers need and expect, we manufacture in several locations and have warehousing in many countries and regions. The right part at the right time and at the right location is essential to our customers, and therefore, to us.


KREBS® cyclones

Since 1952, our advanced hydrocyclone technology has evolved to the latest generation KREBS® gMAX cyclone with patented geometry enhancements, providing high throughput and industry-leading performance. The finer and sharper separations resulting from these improvements benefit processes from hard rock mining, coal, pulp & paper, chemicals, power (FGD), and much more.

As we constantly expand usage of advanced engineered wear materials, we continually extend the life of our cyclones, thus reducing maintenance requirements and lowering total cost of ownership. Combined with unique condition monitoring solutions, the performance of downstream processes is also enhanced, reducing unscheduled downtime and increasing plant production.


KREBS® slurry valves

Customers from around the world are familiar with our long history of manufacturing quality equipment and the KREBS® Technequip Valves are no exception to the rule.

Our KREBS® Technequip valves are designed as a premium heavy-duty slurry valve that can measure up to the most demanding applications. The full range of slurry valve styles and options we have available give us the flexibility to ensure you get a product that is well suited for your specific needs.


Benefits, delivered

We believe that providing our customers with solutions that generate sustainable productivity benefits requires more than just industry-leading products. It requires a team of passionate people dedicated to making your operations a success.

To fulfil our customers’ needs, we have a large team of experienced service engineers employed to constantly monitor performance and train the customers’ maintenance personnel. Thanks to our worldwide sales and service networks, KREBS® products are now accepted in all mining regions.

A brief history of KREBS®

The KREBS® brand was born out of a small company started in 1952. Brothers Dick and Kelly Krebs manufactured and sold their first cyclone in 1953 to an aggregate company in Orange, California. Over the next 12 years, the Krebs brothers took a revolutionary approach to the calculation, design, and production of cyclones, laying the foundation for the success of KREBS® cyclones.

By 1965, the company has become renowned for its products, not just in United States, but in other countries, as well. The cyclone models were sold to industrial, water treatment, mining and other industries.

Today, KREBS® pumps, cyclones and valves are sold in almost every country on the globe. We stand by our products and we continue to design and innovate the cyclones that the Krebs boys started almost 70 years ago.

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