Zero emissions

Reduce carbon emissions from fuel burning and reduce process emissions from clinker. Explore the solutions that moves you towards zero emissions by 2030.

Calcined clay

Reduce process emissions by up to 40% with our clay calciner system and get a cost-effective quality product that meets your expectations for strength and colour. 

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Process control and optimisation 

Reduce your emissions by optimising your processes; minimising your fuel consumption and improving your clinker factor.


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Lower NOx emissions

Reduce your NOx emissions with the advanced Low NOx in-line calciner for new installations or as an upgrade.
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Carbon Capture

To accelerate the green transition of your business, we have teamed up with leading carbon capture experts to adapt several different CCUS solutions to the cement industry.


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100% fuel substitution


Substituting fossil fuels with alternative fuel in the kiln reduces the net carbon footprint. Our solutions allow for 100% fuel substitution, including burning of waste. 

From waste to energy

By turning waste into energy, you can help your local community manage waste and reduce your own energy costs at the same time. We offer several solutions. 

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Alternative fuels

The HOTDISC® Combustions device substitutes calciner fuel with a wide range of coarse alternative fuels – from sludge to truck tyres.

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Efficient alternative fuel firing



kiln burner produces the best flame shape and lowest NOx emissions for various fuel types and operating conditions.
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Zero waste

Reduce your environmental footprint by using less energy and fewer materials. Increased energy efficiency to makes plants more sustainable and profitable. 

Energy efficient milling

With the OK™ Raw and Cement Mill you achieve the best power efficiency of any vertical roller mill. Achieve a five to ten percent reduction in power consumption.
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Reduce waste of material with quality control software

The QCX/BlendExpert software allows you to maximise cement product quality by efficient and automated control of varying raw materials.
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Optimise production and reduce emissions

With powerful software and cutting-edge robotics, QCX/RoboLab® is a quantum leap in quality control for the cement industry that maximises your throughput.

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