Year Type Details
2024 Acquisition Farnell-Thompson Applied Technologies Inc.
  Sale MAAG gears and drives business
2023 Sale Non-Core Activities material handling technology assets
  Sale Advanced Filtration Technologies (AFT) filter media business
  Acquisition Morse Rubber
 2022  Acquisition thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies GmbH
 2020 Acquisition KnowledgeScape 
  Sale Möller pneumatic conveying system
  Sale Fabric filter technology, a non-core business of FLSmidth’s advanced filter technology
Year Type Details
2019 Acquisition
IMP Automation Group
  Sale FLSmidth exits bulk material handling business
2018 Acquisition
Sandvik Mining systems
2015 Sale Cembrit Holding A/S
2012 Acquisition
Sino Environment Engineering Development Co., Ltd. (SEPEC)
Process Engineering Resources Inc.
  Acquisition  Ludowici Limited
  Acquisition  TEUTRINE GmbH Industrietechnik
Mayer Bulk Pty Ltd.
MIE Enterprises Pty Ltd.
Decanter Machine, Inc.
 2011 Acquisition 
ESSA Australia Limited
Darimec S.r.L.
Phillips Kiln Services Ltd.
Transweigh India Limited



 Year Type Details
 2010  Acquisition FLSmidth acquires Roymec (pty) Limited
 2009  Acquisition Acquisition of Conveyor Engineering
   Acquisition FLSmidth acquires EEL India Limited
   Acquisition FLSmidth acquires Summit Valley Equipment & Engineering
 2008  Acquisition FLSmidth acquires Pneumapress Inc.
   Acquisition FLSmidth acquires Dawson Metallurgical Laboratories
   Acquisition FLSmidth acquires Centry Constructors & Engineers Inc., and the Layton Companies Inc.
 2007  Acquisition FFE Minerals acquires US based RAHCO International Inc. 
   Acquisition FLSmidth acquires GL&V Process
   Sale MAAG Gear AG's marine and turbo gear activities
   Sale FLSmidth sells Densit A/S
 2006  Acquisition FFE Minerals Corporation acquires the American company Excel Foundry and Machine Inc.
   Acquisition FFE Minerals acquires materials handling company, KOCH Transporttechnik Germany and KOCH Transporttechnik Austria
 2005  Sale FLSmidth & Co. A/S sells its stake in Spæncom A/S
   Sale FLSmidth & Co. A/S divests Lodgen Sturtevant Limited, UK, a company in FLSmidth Airtech Group
   Sale FLSmidth & Co. A/S sells its investment in DENERCO OIL A/S
   Sale FLSmidth & Co. A/S sells its investment in Sinai Cement Company
 2004  Sale FLS Materials Handling A/S Motan Materials Handling GmbH
   Sale The sale of FLS Aerospace Holding A/S is completed
   Sale FLS Industries sells its 27% stake in Atlas Cement
   Sale FLS sells Aalborg Portland Holding A/S and Unicon A/S to the Italian cement group Cementir S.p.A
 2003  Sale FLS Aerospace A/S sells its hangar and workshop activities at Copenhagen Airport to Denmark's NorthStar Aerospace Group A/S
   Sale Dansk Eternit Holding A/S sells J.A.Plastindustri A/S and its activities in the Dutch company Handelmij Austria B.V
   Sale FLS sells Pedershaab A/S
 2002  Sale Unicon A/S sells its concrete pipe activities in Denmark

 Sale Dansk Eternit Holding AS sells its holding in Hæjslev Teglværk A/S
   Sale FLS sells its NKT Holding shares
   Sale FLS miljø a/s sells its power station boiler activities to Italy's STF S.p.A.
   Sale Unicon A/S sells its ready-mixed concrete activities in the USA to Ready Mixed Concrete Co
   Sale FLS Industries A/S sells a stake in Secil cement group / the Portugese cement group Companhia Geral de Cal e Cimento S.A.)
   Sale FLS sells Dansk Træemballage A/S
   Sale Unicon A/S sells its activities in Carolina Concrete Pumping Inc.
 2001  Sale RM Industrial Group is sold
   Sale FLS sells the FLS Machinery Works site in Valby, Denmark
 2000  Acquisition Dansk Eternit Holding A/S acquires the UK sales company Blunn States Ltd.

 Acquisition MAAG Gear AG acquires the activities of the Polish gear unit manufacturer ABB Zamech Sp.z.o.o.
   Acquisition Dansk Eternit Holding A/S acquires a 53% interest in the Polish fibre cement manufacturer IZOPOL S.A
   Acquisition Unicon A/S acquires HG betong
   Acquisition Unicon A/S acquires Bauma Unicon Sp.z.o.o.
   Acquisition Unicon A/S acquires the assets of the US company Concrete Placement Inc.
   Acquisition Aalborg Portland Holding A/S (APH) signs an agreement to buy back the 50% interest in Aaborg Portland A/S held by the UK cement group Blue Circle Industries PLC.

 Year  Type Details
 1999  Sale FLS Automation A/S sells its subsidiary Jawo Handling A/S  
   Acquisition Unicon Beton A/S acquires an 80% interest in NOCO Betong AS
   Sale DanTransport Holding a/s is sold to DFDS A/S
   Sale Danish Aerotech A/S is sold to the partnership, DAD Aviation A/S and Scandinavian Avionics A/S
 1998  Acquisition F.L.Smidth - Fuller Engineering A/S acquires (FFE) Pfister GmbH and Pfister Waagen GmbH
   Acquisition FFE Minerals Corporation acquires 60% of Australia's ABON Engineering Pty. Ltd.
   Acquisition FLS miljø a/s acquires the waste burning activities of Krüger Waste
   Sale FLS sells SK Emballage to Stok Emballering
   Acquisition Unicon Inc. (USA) acquires Hoots Concrete Inc. And Caroling Concrete Pumping Inc.
   Acquisition DanTransport Holding a/s acquires a 33% interest in Dubois, France
   Sale FLS Plast A/S sells its French companies
   Acquisition FLS Aerospace Holding A/S acquires the Irish company TEAM Aer Lingus
   Sale FLS Plast A/S divests the French plastics companies SMS S.A and Silvallac S.A.
 1997  Acquisition FLS Automation A/S acquires the majority holding in Australia's Circle Technology, Bowral, New South Wales
   Sale Dampa A/S is sold to the Van Geel Group
   Acquisition Pedershaab A/S signs an agreement to acquire a 33% stake in BioCon A/S


The Scandinavian activities of Nyborg Plast International A/S are sold to Trioplast Industrier A/S
   Sale RM Industrial Group A/S sells RM Gitterriste A/S
   Acquisition RM Industrial Group A/S acquires the perforated metal activities of Krieg & Zivy Industries in Chevriéres, France
   Acquisition FLS miljø a/s acquires the entire share capital of Burmeister & Wain Energi A/S 
 1996  Acquisition F.L.Smidth - Fuller Engineering A/S acquires Switzerland's MAAG Gear Co. Ltd.
   Acquisition FLS miljø a/s acquires the engineering activities of the German group Johannes Möller Hamburg
   Sale FLS Industries A/S sells its interest in Faxe Kalk A/S
   Acquisition RM Industrial Group A/S acquires the assets of the Swiss company H. Heer & Co. AG
   Acquisition Unicon Beton I/S acquires American Concrete Products
 1995  Acquisition FLS Industries A/S acquires A/S Ny Kalkbrænderi's interest in Faxe Kalk A/S
 1994  Acquisition FLS acquires Potagua A/S stake in Aalborg Portland Holding A/S
   Acquisition Nea- Lindberg A/S acquires DISA Systems Group
   Sale Industrihærderiet A/S is sold
   Sale RM Industrial Group A/S sells its stake in Scan Press
   Sale FLS Aerospace Ltd. Sells ADE-HML Ltd.
   Acquisition Unicon Concrete Inc. Acquires the US concrete products company Santee Block
   Acquisition FLS miljø a/s acquires the environmental activities of America's Dresser Industries Inc.
 1993  Acquisition
F.L.Smidth - Fuller Engineering A/S acquires the Canadian company Technequip Ltd.
   Acquisition Unicon Beton A/S acquires a 50% interest in Sweden´s AB Sydsten
   Acquisition DanTransport Holding a/s acquires a 30% interest in Norway's leading transport company Tollpost-Globe A/S
   Acquisition Danish Aerotech A/S acquires Quitzau Industri Sønderborg A/S
   Sale FLS sells its engineering works in Lübeck, F.L.Smidth & Co. GmbH
   Acquisition RM Industrial Group acquires 30% of Italy's leading perforated metal company Metallurgica Genovese S.p.A
   Sale During 1993, FLS sells all its Malaysian interests to the Hong- Leong Group
 1992  Acquisition Fuller Company acquires the entire share capital of the Dutch company Kovako B.V.
   Acquisition F.L.Smidth - Fuller Engineering A/S acquires the Italian packing equipment manufacturer Ventomatic
   Acquisition RM Industrial Group A/S acquires a 75% interest in Germany´s PRESTARA AG
   Acquisition RM Industrial Group A/S acquires Besson & Bois S.A. Of France
   Acquisition RM Industrial Group A/S acquires the Austrian company Hutter & Schrantz Blechtechnik G.m.b.H
 1991  Acquisition Maskinfabrikken Pedershaab A/S acquires a 25% stake in Betodan A/S
   Acquisition FLS Aerospace Ltd. acquires Dan Air Engineering
   Acquisition SK Pack Consult A/S, a subsidiary of SK Packaging Group, acquires Inpac AB
   Acquisition RM Industrial Group A/S acquires the Spanish company Perforaciones Metalicas S.A
   Acquisition FLS data a/s acquires a 20% interest in the Norwegian software firm Scansoft A/S
   Acquisition FLS Aerospace  Ltd. acquires FFV Aerotech Ltd.
   Sale Danogips A/S is sold to the German company Knauf
   Sale FLS sells Petbow Holdings PLC
 1990  Acquisition F.L.Smidth & Co. A/S acquires its biggest competitor, Fuller Company 
   Sale FLS sells Maskinfabrikken Norden A/S
   Sale FLS sells the insurance company Forenede Assurandører to the Hafnia Group
   Acquisition Nea-Lindberg A/S acquires an 85% interest in Softline A/S, a systems softwarehouse
   Sale The engineering and contracting company Danalith A/S is sold to Monberg & Thorsen
   Sale Jernkontoret is sold to SCS Holding
   Acquisition A/S Nyborg Plast acquires the majority interest in Silvallac and SMS
   Sale A 50% interest in Aalborg Portland A/S is sold off
   Acquisition A/S Nyborg Plast acquires the UK plastics company IPEL
   Acquisition DanTransport a/s acquires a 42,5% interest in the Swedish company Fraktarna AB

 Year  Type Details
 1989  Acquisition Unicon Beton I/S acquires Bog Concrete Supply Inc., USA
 1988  Acquisition Unicon Beton I/A acquires the two concrete product factories belonging to C. Halvorson & Sønner. Subsequently, Sydbeton’s factory in Sønderborg is also acquired
   Acquisition FLS acquires the majority interest in Hastrup Træemballage A/S
   Acquisition SK Emballage A/S acquires the contract packing activities of Pac Consult A/S
 1987  Acquisition FLS signs an agreement with Rich. Müller-Fonden concerning acquisition of 51% of the share capital of RM Management Aktieselskab, the parent company of the Rich. Müller Group
   Acquisition Faxe Kalk A/S acquires the Swedish chalk company Malmökrita AB
   Acquisition FLS acquires the entire share capital of the UK aerospace company Lovaux Ltd.
   Acquisition A/S Nyborg Plast acquires the shares of the plastic film manufacturer Chr.Egelborgs Fabrikker
 1986  Sale Novoplastics Emballage is sold to the Brdr.Schur Group
   Acquisition KH-Beton A/S acquires all the shares of RMC Betonvarer A/S
 1985  Acquisition Dampa A/S acquires the furniture maker ES Interior/Ejby Savværk A/S
   Acquisition Aalborg Portland A/S acquires a substantial shareholding in Faxe Kalk A/S
   Acquisition Anglo Nordic Holdings acquires the entire share capital of the UK company Petbow Holdings PLC
   Sale Enviroplan, a consulting engineering firm in the Bates Group, is sold to I.Krüger A/S
 1984  Acquisition DanTransport A/S acquires the transport company L.Bertelsen & Co. A/S
   Sale Danogips A/S sells its majority interest in Hellebo International
   Acquisition F.L.Smidth & Co. A/S acquires Aalborg Portland A/S’ shareholding in De Danske Betonfabrikker A/S
   Acquisition FLS acquires Anglo Nordic Holdings
 1983  Acquisition A/S Nyborg Plast acquires Novoplastics Emballage
   Sale FLS sells J.C.Bentzen Motor
   Acquisition KH-Beton A/S acquires the US ready-mixed concrete company Tri-County Concrete Corporation
 1982  Acquisition   Dansk Eternit-fabrik A/S acquires Dansk Facade-og Tagpladefabrik A/S
   Acquisition A/S Nyborg Plast acquires a UK production company and forms Nyborg Plastics Limited
   Sale Diners Club Scandinavia A/S is sold to the Norwegian investment company NEVI
   Acquisition The FLS-owned forklift truck manufacturer Je-Lau A/S acquires the share capital of J.C.Bentzen Motor A/S

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