We know that changes in the business, technology, and the communities in which we operate require people to be adaptive, flexible and to focus on the future. This means that career development must be regarded as a continuous and lifelong process – a path of evolution, adaption and opportunity.

Our employees learn through challenging work assignments and job development, moving them towards a more personally engaging future.

Through dedicated talent, we embrace innovative thinking, keep an open mind to new business opportunities and to discovering potential. We want employees to be engaged, performing at their full potential and contributing to a sustainable business. That leads to happy employees, high quality efforts contributing to satisfied customers and long-term business growth.

Our employees have access to information about all careers available in our organisation across the globe. As an employee, you can research job profiles and consider career movements in any direction that leads to the ideal intersection of your individual engagement, performance and contribution to the business.

Employee development

As people are our most valuable resource, we go to great lengths to develop their skills and competences. Through our strong people commitment, we create a work environment that helps build ambitious careers, makes room to explore and discover, while facilitating a safe and healthy work environment for everyone.

We seek to ensure that people have well-rounded opportunities to learn and grow. Our employees are constantly developing professionally, for their own benefit and for our business.

Among many other development initiatives, we run an annual performance and development review (PDR) process. This process focuses as much on professional development as it does on performance. We view the annual PDR as a good way to ensure that the engagement, performance, and career goals for each employee are aligned with our business goals.

Employees discuss the direction of their career, challenges, tasks and projects completed over the past year. Based on that, the leader and the employee develop a career development roadmap for the coming year. This roadmap is based on coming assignments in the department, customer needs and our business strategy. Leaders offer coaching, guidance, ongoing feedback, training, support and development opportunities, while also setting the direction about the future of the work.

Seize global opportunities

Joining a team of people working across more than 60 countries, you will be part of an agile network of talented and ambitious people. In fact, we count on you to engage, connect and collaborate with colleagues all over the world.

Being truly international is part of our legacy, as we have had a global presence for decades. Our international work environment offers a multitude of opportunities for meeting your career ambitions.



Being a global company, we provide career opportunities for those who want to work abroad for longer or shorter periods.


Equal opportunities

We have grown internationally and through mergers and acquisitions, resulting in a diverse workforce with many cultural differences. This influences our business in a positive way.

Accordingly, we offer market-aligned remuneration and ethical, safe employment conditions. We recognize the right of our employees to organize and bargain collectively, we support human rights and refuse to engage in child or forced labour.

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