An investment in the green transition

With economic growth and urbanisation comes the demand for infrastructure and modern conveniences, such as consumer electronics. Renewable energy, electric cars, wind and solar energy all require cement and minerals.

The transitions of the mining and cement industries to sustainable forms of production are critical to solving the challenges of climate change. Energy-intensive industries, such as mining and cement, are indispensable to the global economy and essential to making the green transition a reality. That is why it is critical to de-carbonise and modernise these sectors. The transition towards sustainable production requires innovative solutions and both regulators as well as customers are increasingly setting new or stricter emissions- reduction targets. As a technology leader in the mining and cement industries, we already have a strong portfolio of sustainable solutions and we recognise our role to lead these industries into a sustainable future.


Technology leader


The growing focus on sustainability is increasingly important for our customers and we are strongly positioned to address challenges such as tighter regulations, societal expectations and increasing costs. By minimising environmental impacts, we can help resolve challenges with community relations, while at the same time contributing to more sustainable production. With MissionZero, we are leveraging our digital and innovative solutions to offer our customers the required technology to operate zero-emissions processing plants for minerals and cement by 2030.


Unique business model with high service share

Through our unique combination of engineering, products and services, we can outgrow the market by helping our customers increase their production output, lower their operating costs and reduce their environmental impact. Our decentralised organisation and global service footprint ensure that all FLSmidth offerings are available to every one of our customers and allowing for a relatively resilient service business accounting for approximately two-thirds of revenue. This, in combination with our asset-light business model, outsourced manufacturing and a flexible cost structure, allows us to manoeuvre safely through the cycles and periods of extreme uncertainty, such as the current pandemic. Our life cycle approach combined with a strong focus on sustainability and digitalisation is what makes us stand out from competitors and differentiates us from mid-market and single-equipment suppliers.

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