Why invest in FLSmidth

  • We are exposed to two growth markets, mining and cement
  • We are the leading supplier in the premium cement market
  • We are amongst the leading suppliers to the mining industry
  • We are a leading supplier of productivity
  • We build customer relations though local presence and 'one face to the customer'
  • We are a truly global company with operations in more than 100 countries
  • We invest in people and sustainability
  • We have a relatively stable foundation of services, accounting for 50-60% of FLSmidth's total business, and a focus to expand further into wear parts
  • We have strong products with a significant growth potential
  • We invest in innovation and digitalization to stay at the forefront and expand our competitive edge
  • Through standardisation we seek to reduce cost and complexity without compromising functionality and performance
  • We have a relatively asset light business model with outsourced manufacturing and a flexible cost structure, resulting in a high cash conversion which allows the company to manoeuvre safely through the cycles
  • We benefit from considerable synergies between mining and cement
  • Cement and minerals are vital for economic, social and technological development
Who we are

FLSmidth is a leading supplier of productivity enhancing solutions to the global cement and mining industries. Through our unique combination of engineering, products and services, we help our customers increase their production output, decrease operating costs and reduce environmental impact.

We are the market leader in the premium segment of the cement industry. We have the most complete offering and the strongest brand. In mining, we are amongst the market leaders with one of the strongest brands and broadest offerings.

Our value proposition builds on extensive process know-how, combined with a ‘full flow-sheet’ of premium, sustainable technologies and a life-cycle service offering. We have a

proven track record of quality and reliability.

Two growth industries

With operations in more than 100 countries, FLSmidth is a truly global company. The geographical footprint reflects our diversified customer base, composed primarily of global and regional cement and mining companies that invest in new capacity or in expanding, upgrading, maintaining and servicing existing production capacity.

Cement and minerals are vital for economic, social and technological development. Urbanisation and industrialisation drive the need for infrastructure and improved standards of living. This creates an increasing global demand for cement and for minerals such as copper and gold. However, greater scarcity of resources such as energy, water and raw materials is leading to more complex and costly operations, which challenges the performance of mining and cement companies. This calls for innovation and high-end technical solutions, which is where FLSmidth has a leading position and a strong

competitive edge.

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