General questions

Q: What are the main activities of FLSmidth?
A: FLSmidth is a market-leading supplier of products and services to the global mining and cement industries.

Q: When was FLSmidth founded?
A: FLSmidth was founded in Denmark in 1882. Please click here to read more about the history for FLSmidth & Co.

Q: How many employees does FLSmidth have?
A: FLSmidth had 9,377 employees at the end of 2023.

Q: Who should I contact for general non-shareholder questions?
A: Please contact Rasmus Windfeld, Press Officer.

Q: Who should I contact regarding shareholder and investor relations related questions?
A: Please feel free to contact VP, Head of Investor Relations, Jannick Lindegaard Denholt.


FLSmidth & Co. shares

Q: Where is FLSmidth & Co. shares listed?
A: FLSmidth & Co. shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange Copenhagen.

Q: How do I register my shares in FLSmidth & Co.?
A: Registration of shares is handled by your own bank. Registered shareholders must register for the Annual General Meeting via FLSmidth's website.

Q: Where can I submit or change my shareholder contact details?

A: You can modify your contact details on the Investor Portal.


Q: When and where will the Annual General Meeting take place?
A: The 2024 Annual General Meeting will take place 10 April 2024 at 4 pm CEST at the company’s premises, Vigerslev Allé 77, 2500 Valby, Copenhagen. 

Q: How do I receive an invitation and admission card to the Annual General Meeting?
A: Registered shareholders must register for the Annual General Meeting via FLSmidth's website.

Q: Who should I contact for questions in relation to the Annual General Meeting?
A: For any questions in relation to the Annual General Meeting, please contact Executive Assistant, Pernille Alnor.

Q: What is the dividend policy of FLSmidth & Co.?
A: It is FLSmidth's dividend policy to pay out 30-50% of the year's profit in dividend depending on the capital structure and M&A opportunities.



Q: What accounting rules does FLSmidth follow? 
A: As from 1 January 2005, FLSmidth & Co is reporting its accounts in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Q: What is FLSmidth's financial year? 
A: The financial year of FLSmidth & Co. follows the calendar year. 

Q: When does FLSmidth publish its financial results?
A: FLSmidth & Co. publishes its financial results on a quarterly basis. You can find the financial calendar here.

Q: How can I obtain information on FLSmidth's latest results?
A: You can find information on FLSmidth & Co.'s results by going to the reports and presentation section where you can access the latest financial reports.

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