Ensuring that we progress on sustainability matters that are material to our business and our value chain requires that we engage with a broad group of stakeholders. Through collaboration we can create the change that is needed to improve the performance of our industry and not only our own business. That is why we have a strong focus on establishing partnerships and engaging with stakeholders, as we together can enable a bigger change and create impact.


Engaging with stakeholders across the value chain


Our approach to stakeholder engagement is based on the intention to create a change in our industry. We therefore engage with a broad range of organizations and people in order to enable true value chain development. In our stakeholder engagement model, you can read more about how we collaborate with a variety of our central stakeholders.  

True 360° value chain engagement

Community engagement

We listen to the needs and expectations of the local communities in which we operate. We regularly undertake environmental projects, education, training and humanitarian work that is aligned with our values and vision through the Flsmidth & Co. A/S donation fund. 


We partner with customers to support them in achieving their sustainability ambitions. We apply technology and innovation to enable the production of sustainable minerals, metals and cement and partner with our customers to support a regulatory environment that stimulate demand for these greener products.  

Financial institutions and inventors

We engage with investors in strategies to achieve our sustainability ambitions. Our relationships with financial institutions have been instrumental in helping customers finance projects and ensuring they make a positive contribution to sustainability. 

Industry associations

We are members of, or engage with, industry associations and advocacy groups to promote policy frameworks and regulations that can help accelerate the green transition. We are a founding member of the Compliance in Mining Network, part of the Women in Mining initiative, and participate in the Innovandi Global Cement and Concrete Research Network through the Global Cement and Concrete Association. We endorsed the CEO Water Mandate, a UN Global Compact initiative that mobilises industry on water, sanitation and the SDGs. 


Our suppliers provide 80% of our manufacturing. Building strong strategic relationships with suppliers strengthens our MissionZero programme, as it creates opportunities to co-develop innovative technologies adding to our existing portfolio. We also engage proactively with our top-spend suppliers to support them on their journey to establish science-based targets. 

Public policy

Stimulating demand for green minerals, metals and cement requires a supportive policy environment. We engage with international organisations to provide expertise, share experience, exchange ideas and inform policymakers. 


Partnering with universities in programmes and doctoral studies helps us to develop innovative solutions, acquire new knowledge and attract top talents. For example, we partner with Technische Universität Dresden to develop flotation technologies and with the Technical University of Denmark and others to research the electrification of clay carbonation. 

Industry peers


We work with technology industry peers to combine strengths and advance sustainability solutions. We have a strong focus on engaging in partnerships with peers to develop digital and automated solutions, as we see these as key areas for the future of our industry and supporting its sustainability objectives.  

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