FLSmidth is a global company and donations are granted to causes in any of the countries in which the Group has a major presence including the Valby area. Please note that donations are only granted to organisations, not individuals.

For a donation request to be taken into consideration, the project must fall under a certain category. 

Funds can be granted to the following project categories: 

  • Humanitarian work (including support to the sick and handicapped)
  • National or cultural causes
  • Nature conservation and environmental initiatives and projects
  • Education and training with a business focus
  • Research and development carried out by organisations, not individuals
  • Other similar purposes of a general charitable nature

Enabling local development

We aim to make a positive contribution to the local communities in which we operate and support a wide array of local programmes.

Read more about the local FLSmidth initiatives.

Donation procedure

The Donation Fund divides up to DKK 300.000 in December every year between projects of the abovementioned categories. For donations in the current year, applications must be submitted before 1 October.


Application process

To be taken into consideration for a donation, the application must be written in English. Furthermore, the following information must be included:

  • Project category (one of the abovementioned)
  • Affiliated organisation and its geographical location (donations are NOT granted to individuals)
  • Project title
  • A short project summary
  • Amount applied for (please specify currency)
  • Date for the grant to be used (DD Month YYYY)


Attachments of supplementary information can be included but will not be part of the final evaluation.


Applications are to be send to FLSmidth & Co. A/S Donation Fund


All applicants will receive a confirmation of their submission. Applicants whom the Board of Trustees decides to grant a fund will be informed with further instructions. Applicants whose application is not successful will be informed on a continuous basis.

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