Donation fund, Denmark

The FLSmidth & Co. A/S Donation Fund is a non-profit institution whose purpose is to contribute funds to worthy causes aligned with the values and broader vision of the company. Based in Denmark, this fund donates up to USD 90,000 (DKK 600,000) to worthy causes annually, including humanitarian work, environmental projects, and education and training. In 2020, for example, the fund provided grants to several educational organisations and engineering associations. 

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Enabling local development

We aim to make a positive contribution to the local communities in which we operate and support a wide array of local programmes in different regions around the world.

Arequipa, Peru

FLSmidth is committed to helping those most in need


Strengthening our bonds with the community near our operations is an essential part of what we do at FLSmidth, especially when it comes to helping those in a vulnerable situation.

With this purpose in mind, on Wednesday, 1 June 2022, part of our team led by Juan Quispe Arancibia, Vice-President of Service Execution, with the participation of the team of technicians from our Arequipa Supercenter, attended the Hogarcito de Niños Especiales San José Benito Cottolengo home for children with special needs, located in Tiabaya, Arequipa (Peru), to deliver nappies and gifts, among other articles, in addition to enjoying some leisure time singing, dancing, and chatting with the children, teachers, volunteers, and nuns in charge of the work.



This home accommodates, protects, and educates children with disabilities, and it is run by nuns who rely completely on donations from people and organizations in the area. Pablo Nangles, HSE&QA Andean leader at FLSmidth, says that this activity arose from a previous encounter, where the nuns voiced to our team their most urgent needs to be able to help and care for these children, among which they highlighted the need for nappies.

With this noble and gratifying action, we expect to partly mitigate their shortages, and therefore consolidate our permanent support for this charitable organization. We want to go beyond our reality and daily functions and commit to improving the quality of life of those most in need with small contributions, says Pablo Nangles, FLSmidth.
This is the first of many activities of this kind that we will perform this year in Peru, joining other activities performed during 2021, such as the donation of 1,000 COVID-19 tests for early detection of the virus, which we delivered to the Fire Departments in Lima, Arequipa, and Callao.

Juan Quispe tells us that ‘this way, we aspire to be good neighbours and contribute to supporting organizations or groups in need of aid, by proactively helping to solve the requirements of the communities near our operations all across South America’.

As a reflection, Juan Quispe adds that ‘this kind of approach allows us to help those most in need, reinforcing our commitment to continue making a difference in the mining industry, and consolidating our bonds with the community and inclusion’.

More from the local FLSmidth initiatives

Support for the cause of education, South Africa

FLSmidth South Africa continues to keep up with their support for the cause of education 


Kingsway Christian School based in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg, South Africa, has been operational for the past 35 years. The school is run as a non-profit independent primary school from Grades 00 to Grade 7.  


With a current total of 257 learners, FLSmidth South Africa has supported the school for the past 8 years by contributing towards the funding of their Maths and Science educators on a monthly basis. With approximately 13 educators on board, they provide a warm and nurturing environment for the learners, all from informal settlements and surrounding communities. Through various donations, the school is also able to provide nutritious meals each day, to every learner in the school.  


On Friday, 19th November, some Johannesburg-based FLSmidth employees visited the school, to handover an additional donation of R50000.00. Estelle Steytler (Head of POD and Transformation, SSAMESA), Willie van Wyk (Group Procurement), and Pieter Pretorius (Project & Product Procurement Leader, SSAMESA) spent time with school Principal, Mrs. Kgethi Dlamini, Mrs. Kim Maritz (School Admin) and Mr. Renias Muwando (Fundraiser).


The aim of Kingsway is to provide quality education and holistic care to children who might otherwise not have had access to education and FLSmidth South Africa is proud to be able to contribute towards achieving this goal. 

In support of communities that support us.

KALPANA GANESHHead of HR, sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and South Asia, FLSmidth
Charity bicycles to the Mahwelereng community, South Africa

Mahwelereng, South Africa

Engaging for the cause of community service


At FLSmidth, we are always aiming at making positive contributions to the socio-economic development of the communities we operate in. It was a privilege for FLSmidth South Africa, to donate 56 Qhubeka Charity bicycles to the Mahwelereng community policing forum, to support their visible policing initiative.


Krebs millMAX high pressure slurry pump

There is a major focus on strengthening Community Patrol Forums and Community Safety Forums in the Mahwelereng South African Police Sector. We donated towards the distribution of 56 Qhubeka Charity bicycles to community patrollers in the Patroller Mobility Programme in partnership with Anglo American, who were able to identify the community need.

Why “Qhubeka” bicycles?

Qhubeka is a Nguni word that means “to progress”, “to move forward”.


Qhubeka Charity is a non-profit company that helps people to move forward and progress by providing bicycles in return for their contributions to improve communities. The event took place on December 7th, 2021, at the launch of 2021 December Limpopo #ArriveAlive Road Safety Campaign, hosted by the Honorable Minister of the Executive Council for Transport and Community Safety, Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhanya. 


We express our gratitude to Anglo American and Qhubeka Charity for their support in making this community service possible. 

Luminaries for the squatter settlements, Chile

Viña del Mar, Chile

Luminaries for the squatter settlements


Aiming to materialize the strategic planning led by our regional executive team, we participated in this activity that helped to improve the life of a group of neighbours from two squatter settlements in Viña del Mar, while strengthening the bonds of the regional workforce, to achieve our goals for 2025..

To strengthen our relations as an organization and a regional team, Claudio García, President of FLSmidth South America, encouraged the participation of the extended executive team in the voluntary work called "Luz a mi Barrio", Light for my Neighbourhood in English, carried out by Fundación Techo. This work considered the installation of 20 solar-powered luminaries in the Felipe Camiroaga and Variante de Agua Santa squatter settlements, on the Forestal area in Viña del Mar.

Our extended management team, who come from across the region and participated in this initiative, valued the instance provided, mainly because they collaborated with these communities with sustainable lighting for their areas by using solar power, thus reflecting the importance of teamwork to achieve a common goal.


"Thanks to this initiative we could get involved with the territory and with a part of the most vulnerable families in the country, and provide something so common for some yet so inaccessible for those that face extreme poverty situations, lighting for the streets they walk in.This lighting will help them to improve their life quality", says Claudio García, President of FLSmidth South America, who led the initiative of Fundación Techo, an organization that through their selfless actions achieve invaluable goals.

This bet is not only framed within the strategic planning session done by our leadership team but is also aligned with our corporate objectives for 2025, among which we can mention building cohesion and trust as FLSmidth' workers, to achieve operational excellence.
Training opportunities for young women, Chile

Santiago, Chile

More mining training opportunities for young women


With women accounting for only 19 percent of enrolments in mining-related technical degree programmes in Chile*, it is important efforts are made to increase gender diversity in the mining industry. FLSmidth is providing training in copper minerals processing to a group of 32 female students, who are in their last year of secondary education at the Liceo de Salamanca school in Chile’s Coquimbo region.

The launch of the latest course on September 28, 2021 saw local education and municipality representatives welcome the students and their families. Each student received a tablet preloaded with study material.

This introductory course covers all stages of copper minerals processing, from the copper in the rock to the definition of a cathode and its commercialisation, and it teaches them about how teams participate in the mining process.


Our ultimate intention is for young women to embrace the idea that mining is also for women.

Daniela MusalemDirector of Human Resources for South America at FLSmidth

Targeting diversity sooner

With the focus on secondary level education, this training programme sets itself apart from our programmes targeting graduates of professional institutes or technical education centres. In the short term, the goal is to encourage young women to complete internships at FLSmidth, while the medium-to-long term goal is for them to pursue a mining-related technical or professional career.


"One student who previously participated in a similar programme enrolled at USACH university to study Mining Engineering. This is the kind of impact we want to keep making," says Daniela Musalem.


*Recent data published by Chile’s National Council of Education (CNED) revealed that the total number of women enrolled in mining-related technical degree programmes in 2020 was 16,113, which accounts for 19 percent of the total number of enrolled students.

Healthcare centre reinforcement, India
We worked with the Confederation of Indian Industry to reinforce facilities at the Government Primary Health Center in Kelambakkam, Chennai, located near our office in India. Completed in February 2021, this project included supplying equipment such as a multipara monitor, autoclave, nebulizer, PPE kits and a 12-lead ECG machine, which has served as a valuable addition during the pandemic. We also provided chairs in the waiting area and helped improve the basic infrastructure of the building, making the centre more visitor-friendly.
New water supply, India
For residents of a suburban Kavanur village in Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu in India, fetching water for daily domestic use had been difficult. Together with the Confederation of Indian Industry, we provided a crucial daily water source for the village, which involved establishing a water facility channel in three locations. The project was inaugurated and handed over to the community in March 2021.  
Emergency support in response to COVID-19, India
The second wave of the pandemic was particularly intense in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, stressing public and private healthcare systems to an unprecedented extent. We donated three ventilator machines to the Chettinad Super Speciality Hospital, located near our Chennai office in June 2021.  

In addition, we sponsored and distributed food supplies to 60 sanitation workers in Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu during the first wave of pandemic in April 2020.  
New school library, India
We helped establish library facilities at the Government Girls Senior Secondary School at Bawal, Haryana, India, which is benefitting 1500 female students.
Local education initiatives, India
We provided a grant to PanIIT Alumni Reach for India Foundation (PARFI) for the purpose of educating underprivileged youth in the Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu and the Bokaro, Dhanbad and Jamshedpur districts of Jharkhand, India.
Charity events, United States
We have run several charity events, including food bank drives, environment clean-ups, science fairs, toy drives, and tree planting under COVID-19-compliant conditions.

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