With MissionZero, we have committed to developing solutions that will enable customers in mining and cement to move towards zero emissions by 2030.

Mikko KetoGroup CEO

Rising to the challenge

Cement and minerals impact us all


The road to a greener future is paved with cement and minerals. Growing populations need cement for housing and infrastructure, and the move to sustainable energy and electric vehicles requires mining of excessive minerals. Increased purchasing power also leads to more consumption of electricity and electronic goods.


Combined, cement and minerals production accounts for approximately 10% of all CO2 emissions. To meet the requirements of the Paris Agreement and create a sustainable world for future generations, it is imperative that we rise to the challenge and enable more sustainable production of cement and minerals.


By 2030:


more people living in urban areas

growth of the middle class
global economic growth

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Facts and figures

2021 Sustainability report

Our annual Sustainability Report continues to be the key communication to our stakeholders about our progress on sustainability. This year, we are reporting for the first time on our new Science Based Targets and other 2030 ESG targets, as we continue to implement our MissionZero programme. Read our 2021 Sustainability Report to learn about how we are making progress on our MissionZero programme and our 2030 targets.


Increased demand for cement and minerals: 247% more windpower in 2030.
Global water stress: The number of people living in water stressed areas is expected to increase substantially by 2030 from 33% to 50%.
Climate crisis: CO₂ emissions will rise by 21% by 2030.
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Sustainable Development Goals

Contributing to the global agenda


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have given businesses, governments, and the public society a common language to address the biggest issues facing the global population: poverty, inequality, and climate change.


As cement and mining play a role in everything from housing to distributing electricity and new technology, our industries are relevant to many of the Sustainable Development Goals. We work actively with several of the goals.


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