Read our 2019 Sustainability report for insights into how we are making our industries more sustainable.

In FLSmidth we have set clear and ambitious sustainability goals. Our sustainability programme, MissionZero, will deliver solutions that make it possible for our customers to:

  • Operate zero-emissions cement plants by 2030
  • Manage zero-emissions mining processes by 2030 – with specific focus on water management

We do so by leveraging the development of digital and innovative solutions tied to sustainable productivity.

Towards zero emissions in cement
By leveraging all of today’s opportunities within existing technologies, innovation projects and early stage R&D, we estimate that we can reduce CO2 emissions per kg cement by approximately 70 percent. The remaining 30 percent will come from new solutions.


We are already developing solutions such as blending clinker with alternative materials, exploring the use of new types of cement, and providing solutions for cement producers to operate with 100% alternative fuels.

Towards a waterless mining process
Our ambition is to offer our mining customers solutions that support zero water waste by 2030. We already have technology that enables our customers to recover up to 95% of their process water. This dry-stack tailing solution also solves problems associated with waste water management and is economically competitive with alternative water management options such as desalination, even for high tonnages.

Ambitious goals require collaboration

The goals of MissionZero go beyond what is feasible with technology available today. It requires a paradigm shift in how industry players collaborate and innovate. As a leader in both the cement and mining industry, we are ready to accelerate the adoption of new technology and seek new partnerships to co-create the necessary solution to close the gap between our 2030 ambition and what is possible today.

Learn more about a few of our many solutions driving sustainable productivity:

Mining and dry tailings

Reduce the need for water in mining

EcoTails® is a sustainable solution for water and tailings management in mining enabling recycling of up to 95% process water.

DO Flotation Cell Yamana mixedrow

Recover more minerals using less energy

Our mixedROWTM Flotation System provides the best metallurgical performance possible in flotation and lowers energy consumption.

SPA Automation

Optimise cement production and reduce emissions

With powerful software and cutting-edge robotics, QCX/RoboLab® is a quantum leap in quality control for the cement industry that maximises your throughput. 

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