You found an open position that matches your experience, competencies and ambitions and you want to apply. The process from here is straight forward and simple. Just follow the step-by-step process when pushing the apply button on your desired job and your application will be underway.


Before you submit your application, you will be shown a review page with your information so you know exactly what is forwarded to us. On this page you can also access our Online Data Protection Recruitment Policy.

Review and initial interview
After receiving applications, we start reviewing them. If we find a match between your competencies and what we are looking for, the first step will typically be a phone interview. This interview is most often conducted by a recruiter, sometimes accompanied by a technical expert.
Personal interview(s) and assessments

Following a successful phone interview, the next step is a personal interview. Prior to a personal interview, we will often email you links to specific online assessments. These assessments are most often personality and cognitive assessments, language assessments or other more specific assessments. If you have taken an assessment, you will always get feedback on your results.

If you qualify for the next step in the process, you will typically be invited to an additional personal interview attended by different participants. These could be the hiring manager, the recruiter or HR business partner, a potential colleague, other managers or stakeholders in our organisation.

The final decision

If we decide you are the best match for our open position, we will contact you and offer you the position.

In case you have been to an interview and don’t make it to the offer stage, we will call you and give you verbal feedback on why we have chosen another candidate. Here, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have as well as provide feedback on the process.

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