Key Benefits

  • Replace fossil fuels with coarse alternative fuels for lower costs
  • Flexibility to use a wide range of alternative fuel qualities
  • Impressive substitution rates with difficult alternative fuels
  • High kiln availability

Waste to energy and the freedom to choose lower-cost alternative fuels

From sludge and grains to whole truck tyres, our HOTDISC Combustion Device gives you the potential to burn a wide range of alternative fuels, without compromising on energy efficiency or kiln performance

Lower your fuel costs with unsurpassed fuel flexibility

The HOTDISC is the most efficient way to substitute calciner fuel with a wide range of lower cost alternative fuels. From wet powders to solid waste up to 1.2 metres in diameter, our HOTDISC Combustion Device can burn them all. The waste to energy process eliminates the need for expensive shredding and gives you the flexibility to select the most economical choice from a wide range of alternative fuel options.


High energy efficiency. Maximum production capacity.

Thanks to its use of clinker cooler tertiary air and preheated raw meal, the HOTDISC delivers close to 100% energy efficiency. This ensures you get maximum production capacity from your pyro system, with minimum fuel and power consumption. In addition, the HOTDISC eliminates extra fuel processing, saving both power and processing costs.


The HOTDISC in action

Our HOTDISC Combustion Device can be retrofitted to existing In-Line calciner kiln systems or incorporated in new In-Line calciner kiln systems, enabling you to benefit from high energy efficiency and a wide range of lower-cost alternative fuels.


  • Refuse derived fuel (produced from municipal garbage), loose or compacted
  • Tyres (whole, shredded or cut into pieces)
  • Paper sludge
  • Lime-stabilised oil sludge (from tanker cleaning)
  • Old car fragments (upholstery, dashboards, etc.)
  • Dried sewage sludge

Economically replace your calciner fossil fuels with alternative fuels

Replace fossil fuels with coarse alternative fuels for lower costs
Some alternative fuels are less expensive than others and the HOTDISC Combustion Device gives you the ability to pick and choose the best available options on the market – delivering full cost efficiency. And thanks to its high energy efficiency, the HOTDISC ensures your pyro system can run at full capacity while consuming less fuel and power. The result? Better performance and lower operating costs.
Flexibility to use a wide range of alternative fuels qualities
Able to burn almost anything – from sludge to truck tyres – our HOTDISC Combustion Device means you are not tied to one fuel type or supplier. Waste to energy frees up your cement plant to burn your preferred fuel – without compromising function.
Impressive substitution rates with difficult alternative fuels
The HOTDISC Combustion Device is designed to achieve a calciner fuel substitution rate of up to 80%, although results vary significantly depending on specific plant conditions. Our specialists accurately estimate the exact performance results you can expect at your facility – and we guarantee that it will deliver.
High kiln availability
A fuel retention time of up to 45 minutes reduces the adverse effects of unburned fuel in the kiln inlet. This means no extra cleaning of the riser duct, avoids operational disturbances such as cyclone blockages and eliminates emissions from unburned components – giving you exceptionally high kiln availability.

Alternative fuel combustion with fast and easy maintenance

How it works

As an integrated part of your kiln system, the HOTDISC Combustion Device is added onto the calciner and functions as a slow-moving disc furnace. When alternative fuel,

preheated raw meal and tertiary air are fed into the HOTDISC, it produces combustion gases, partly calcined meal and combustion residues. These are then processed in the calciner alongside the other streams entering it. The result is calcined meal ready for the kiln and well-controlled emissions.

Alternative fuels are introduced onto the slowly rotating disc and they start to burn in fully-oxidising conditions when they meet the hot tertiary air. The burning fuel is transported approximately 270° on the disc until it reaches the scraper, where the remaining ash and partly calcined materials are discharged into the riser duct. Heavy combustion residues fall into the kiln inlet, while lighter fragments and combustion gases move up into the calciner.


All the maintenance access you need

The HOTDISC Combustion Device is designed for long-term uninterrupted performance, with regular maintenance done during planned shutdowns for the whole plant. It requires similar maintenance to other kiln system components and features various platforms, manholes, doors and clean-out holes – giving your personnel easy access.

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