As a result of this request, we purchased three competitor components: the Inner Eccentric Bushing, Upper Head Bushing, and Upper Thrust Washer



These components are some of the primary bronze components in cone crushers, making them perfect candidates for use in this comparison. And so we put them through the paces.


Destructive and non-destructive metallurgical testing was performed on these components and also on the same three EXCEL manufactured crusher components. Once the results had been analyzed, we invited customer representatives to our facility to present the findings of these tests.


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The analysis highlighted relevant aspects of the three compared components including:

  • Packaging
  • Chemical analysis
  • Mechanical properties
  • Microstructure analysis
  • Machining quality
  • Surface finish analysis
  • Availability, support, and intangibles 


The results were in, and the evidence was clear — our products outperformed competitor components significantly.



There were three primary factors giving us the advantage over the competitor parts: We have better control of chemistry (our bronze had improved mechanical properties, namely strength


and toughness, over that of our competitor), size control was better on our Inner Eccentric Bushing and our parts featured a superior surface finish on the critical areas of the component.



A comparison of these three parts made it evident that we possess a greater understanding of the features and aspects which are essential to good performance in crushing applications.

This competitive product analysis reaffirms where we stand in the market. We need to continue to be aware of our competitors and highlight what makes EXCEL’s product superior.

Dan WegnerEXCEL’s Director of Quality & Customer Satisfaction

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