Key Benefits

  • Improved component performance
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs

Undercarriage options for better performance and reduced operating cost

Protect your equipment from itself. Prevent excessive material flow from forming in the path of your P&H 4100™ series and Caterpillar 495HR and 7495 series shovels, with advanced undercarriage options from FLSmidth. Our undercarriage options for P&H and Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovels improve upon the original design and ensure better operation with fewer hazards.

Discover how Wide Path™ can improve your process and profits

Since the first EXCEL™ Wide Path™ Undercarriage was installed in late 2013, this engineering innovation has proven to be a huge success — both for our customers and our business.  Today we have Wide Path™ undercarriages operating in North America and South America and soon in Europe and African regions.  Improved performance and increase production time between maintenance needed.  Learn how you can save time and money - see the video.

FLSmidth's proprietary Wide Path™ undercarriage


The extreme weight from rope shovels often causes excessive material flow in the roll path of the track pads. The P&H 4100 series and Caterpillar 495HR and 7495 series shovels are among the largest earth moving machines on the planet. We took on the challenge of improving the original undercarriage equipment manufacturer (OEM) designs. Our advanced undercarriage options for P&H & Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovels are the result. The Wide Path™ undercarriage is part of the EXCEL™ High Performance Parts portfolio for FLSmidth.


Our undercarriages offer more surface area, which means less pressure on the roll path and a decrease in material flow. We have also increased the mating surface area by 20% when they increased the width and radius of the lower rollers, rear idler and track pad roll paths.


Eliminates toenailing


Our design eliminates the expensive and dangerous condition known as toenailing. The machine’s tremendous weight allows natural material to flow in the roll path. The conventional design prevents this hazard.


  • Prevents material loss from crushing the track pad
  • Prevents dangerous “fly metal” created by toenail interference
  • Reduces torque on pins that causes pin eye elongation


Increased roll path and surface area


A larger roll path area reduces the direct stress on the track pads. This reduction of stress creates a significantly longer wear life. The EXCEL Wide Path increases surface area in the roll path. The Wide Path components do not require modifications to the existing side frames.

  • Improves overall weight distribution onto track pads
  • Produces less stress on the track pads
  • Reduces wear on track pads, lower rollers, rear idler, drive tumbler and side frame guide rails

Protect your machinery, your people and your business

P&H and Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovels undercarriage option benefits

Improved component performance
The unique design of our P&H and Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovel options allows for significantly increased durability and reduced risk of track bending and material flow.
Increased safety
By reducing the risk of toenailing and excessive material flow, our parts help ensure a safer work environment for equipment operators.
Reduced maintenance and repair costs
Operator safety may be the most important issue in any mine, but that’s not to say that equipment safety isn’t also something to consider. The robust, smart design of the Wide Path undercarriage system extends component lifespan, requiring replacement far less often than the conventional design. Operators can significantly reduce component replacement costs and lost revenue from downtime.

Undercarriage options: advanced design meets heavy-duty construction

Stronger designs and more durable solutions help ensure that your P&H and Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovels have the support they need to achieve optimal performance. Help your equipment reach its full potential with undercarriage options from EXCEL.

Unique design to minimise track pad bending


Backbending is the literal bending of the track pad upward off the ground across the width of the pad. This stronger track pad design reduces pin stress and track pad interference with the car body.


Metallurgical superiority


In the conventional design, the weight of the entire shovel rests on the track pads and rollers, stretching them. We apply our deep metallurgical expertise to the new design of the Wide Path components. These components are proving to last far longer than the current undercarriages on the market.


Thicker internal structures for heavy duty performance


The Wide Path track pad features robust internal support in a critical area of the roll path. This bracing structure avoids crushing of the track pad in the roll path area.


Enhanced ribs in roll path


The EXCEL Wide Path track pad design uses an improved wear rib design in the roll path. These surfaces allow the manganese steel time to work harden before it can flow off the end of the roll path.

KREBS® Quick Release™ system for pump rebuilds

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