Key Benefits

  • Improved component performance
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs

Top-tier spare parts for Bucyrus and Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovels

Stronger designs and more durable replacement part solutions help ensure that your Bucyrus and Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovels have the support they need to achieve optimal performance. Take your equipment to the next level, with our spare parts.

Designed for performance

A small investment can yield a quick return with a wide variety of improved designs customised for Bucyrus and Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovels. We can improve the performance and/or ease of use for your rope shovels.


Through our application-driven, site-specific engineering capabilities, our spare parts have earned the confidence of mining operations around the world. From specialised pin & bushing sets to entire undercarriage replacements, our high performance parts enhance your machinery, and by extension, enhance your business.

Pins and bushing sets

Take full advantage of our expertise in applied mining and engineering, and use our mated pins and bushings together. We are confident that our pin and bushing sets will stand up to the mining industry’s heaviest demands. Be sure to have everything that you need on hand next time you need to do maintenance on your bucket.

  • Complete customised bucket pin and bushing kits
  • Variety of materials available

EXCEL Proprietary overlay pins

Our overlay pins are manufactured using an automated process to precisely control the depth that the overlay material penetrates the base metal. This process keeps the pin strong while adding the versatility that overlay provides.

Multi-pass overlay penetration is the key

  • Adds versatility without losing toughness
  • Capable in extreme applications
  • Proprietary overlay material with hardness ranged at 60+ hrc
  • Surface finish exceeds industry standards

Premium and High performance bronze bushings

Our premium high performance bushings are better because we concentrate on excellence. From the raw materials that select to our casting, cooling and machining processes, we are intentional about quality.

  • Maximum percentage of tin for tougher bushings that last longer
  • Innovative technology that distributes lead and other alloys uniformly for less friction and lower heat
  • Unique machining method to create perfectly concentric bushings
  • Highest grade raw materials to last longer
  • Casting technique that produces a tighter grain structure and fewer gas pockets to for significantly fewer defects


EXCEL™ spare parts: improved performance at reduced cost

Customised specifically for the Bucyrus Electric Rope Shovel product offering, these replacements do more than just act as spare parts for failed components; they improve performance and equipment safety and help ensure that you’re getting the largest return on your investment. 

Improved component performance

The unique design of our spare parts for Bucyrus and Caterpillar Electric Rope Shovel allows for significantly increased durability and performance in your equipment.


Increased reliability

Give your equipment new life. Our parts improve machine reliability, so you can rest secure in the knowledge that your business is in good hands. 

Reduced maintenance and repair downtime

Our parts can greatly extend the life of your electric rope shovel. This helps reduce maintenance and repair downtime, and help you keep your operation running smoother for longer.

Electric rope shovel spare parts you can trust

Durability. Reliability. Ease of use. These are the factors that define our exceptional equipment parts. The spare parts for Bucyrus Electric Rope Shovels bring dependability and usability together, optimising equipment performance in the process. Take your electric rope shovels further, with our full range of top-quality parts.

We manufacture Rope Shovel spare parts for:

495™ models • 7495™ models • 301M™ • 191M™

Our Bucyrus Electric Rope Shovel parts offering include
  • Bushings
  • Pins
  • Shipper shafts
  • Pinions
  • Lower rollers
  • Track pads/track shoes
  • Drive tumblers
  • Front idlers
  • Rear idlers
We stocks spare components for the following Bucyrus models
  • 495™
  • 495-B™
  • 495 BI™
  • 495 BII™
  • 495BII™
  • 495-HF™
  • 495-HR™
  • 7495™
  • 7495 HD™
  • 7495 HF™
  • 7495HR2™
  • 301M™
  • 191M™

Bucyrus and Caterpillar Rope shovel undercarriages

Standard offerings:

  • Fully supported roll path
  • Geometry modified to enable more wear before hitting side frames
  • Custom pin retention hardware
  • Manganese track shoes for durability in hard rock applications



EXCEL Wide Path™ undercarriage system

We are pleased to offer this innovative design that is proving to bring enhanced life cycles. Our Wide Path™ Undercarriage System offers significantly lower overall costs than the conventional design offered by the OEM and other aftermarket competitors.


  • Eliminates toenailing
  • Improves component performance
  • Minimises maintenance
  • Increases reliability
  • Reduces operating costs


495HF™ Custom Track Pad 

This original equipment compatible alloy steel track pad meets customer-expected life of 21,000+ hours (undercarriage life subject to amount of propel hours relative to machine hours).


Design improvements:

  • Added wall thickness of the track shoe for extra strength
  • Structure under roll path strengthened to prevent crushing of the internal cavity
  • Debris guards added for extra protection between the track pads
  • Increased pin eye reinforcement


Dipper latch bar and replaceable tip

  • Replaceable tips and wear inserts offer longer wear life
  • Reduce time for change-out of latch bar by replacing wear plates or tips in the field
  • Wear inserts are available in chromium carbide and abrasion resistant materials
  • Variety of configurations available for any model of dipper 

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